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S01E05 – The Sammartino Method

Season 1, Episode 5  The Sammartino Method Our very first guest! Steve Sammartino is another old friend of Cameron's. He is also a successful sharemarket investor, with 25+ years experience, although his strategy is a little different and much less hands-on than...

S01E04 – Analysing Telstra

Season 1, Episode 4  Analysing Telstra  Telstra is Australia's largest telco. How does it look inside Tony's QAV worksheet? Listen and find out. You can find key financial metrics on Telstra's website or on Reuter's Telstra page. This is the chart where Tony is...

S01E03 – Analysing BHP

Season 1, Episode 3  Analysing BHP  BHP is one of Australia's largest and oldest companies. As our first real life example, on this episode runs BHP's latest financials through his QAV worksheet. How does it come out? Listen and find out. You can find the BHP investor...

S01E02 – How He Does It

Season 1, Episode 2  How He Does It  On this episode we start to get into Tony's investing method. How does he consistently beat the market? He walks me through the metrics he pays attention to - and why.  Tony has a fairly short list of financial metrics that he pays...

S01E01 – Get Rich Slowly

Season 1, Episode 1  Get Rich Slowly Imagine you had a really, REALLY rich friend who offered to teach you how to get rich too. Well, now you do! On this new podcast series I'm going to get my mate Tony Kynaston, a black belt investor, to teach me everything he's...

Starting March 2019

The QAV Podcast is a series focused on investing for Australians. Tony Kynaston is a very successful private investor. For over 20 years, his portfolio has achieved an average of a 19.5% annual return - roughly double the rate of the market. On this series, he's going...

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