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We love hearing from listeners. Suggest topics to cover. Ask questions for Tony to answer on the show. If you get stuck listening to the show, let Cam know and he’ll try his best to help you out. 



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As the producer of the show, Cameron is your best bet if you want to suggest topics, get Tony to answer questions on the show, or get technical support. The best way for QAV Club members to get quick support is to use our forums. Join either our private Facebook Group or the Google Group for your state and post your question there. If it’s urgent, email Cameron using the link below and put “URGENT” in the subject. 

He’s also happy to debate politics, philosophy, religion, chess, history, or explain why Toto’s Africa is the greatest song ever written.


Here Are Some Other Questions We Get A Lot:

How does the free trial work?

Listen to all of our premium episodes for free for two weeks. We're pretty confident that if you're a serious investor, you'll want to continue listening after the trial has finished, but if you don't just cancel with one click. 

Can you answer questions about my personal financial situation?

No, we are not financial advisers. We are teaching a system that will help you better understand how to invest for yourself. We can and will answer general questions about investing theory and practice. 

If Tony's so rich, why is he doing this?

Hah! Tony would rather be playing golf. But after ten years being friends with Tony, I eventually smartened up enough to realise I needed to learn more about the basis of Tony's investing success. As a professional podcaster,  I of course decided a podcast was the best way to learn his system. Tony agreed to it because he felt sorry for me and he's a nice guy. All of the subscription fees go to me to cover my production costs.

Is this a scam?

If a free podcast is a scam, it's a poorly-conceived one. You can listen to the free episodes for as long as you like and then sign up to the premium content once you're convinced Tony knows what he's talking about.

Can I cancel at any time?

You can cancel your subscription at any time. No contracts, no committment. We only want subscribers who are serious about learning to become serious investors. 

What is value investing?

Value investing is an an approach to investing  developed by professors Benjamin Graham and David Dodd of Columbia Business School in their breakthrough book SECURITY ANALYSIS (1934) and Graham’s later book THE INTELLIGENT INVESTOR (1949). Their most famous and successful student is Warren Buffett, the chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway.

Read more about value investing.

Why is it called QAV?

QAV stands for QUALITY AT VALUE. Tony's approach is to use a checklist to find companies that are performing well (quality) but which can also be bought at a discount (value). It's basically what is usually called "value investing". 

Want free weekly stock tips?

Every Monday we publish an email containing two ASX stocks (one small cap and one large cap) that Tony thinks offer the best value buys for that week. Sign up now to get your copy completely free!