Transcript #522

QAV 522 Club Cameron  00:00 Hi, welcome to QAV 522. You’re back in Sydney, TK. How was your Queensland golfing-horse trip? Tony  00:18 Really good. Yeah, had a great holiday and catching up with the wonderful QAV members in Brisbane too. Lots of golf, although...

QAV S05E24 – White-knuckle

This is “the white-knuckle part of the cycle”. Portfolio update. Iron ore and gold charts. Stockhistory v Stock Doctor prices. GMA and mortgage issuances. The milk stool legs. RBA and inflation. Small rods is WAY down. Wash-selling. PE contraction. Pulled pork on WDS. Benching Michael Jordan. UPST. Lots of Rule 1 questions. Buying a “wonderful company at a fair price” and ignoring sentiment.

Why We Stay Fully Invested

During market corrections, it’s natural to want to bail out and save your cash. It can be demoralising to keep buying stocks, only to have to sell them a day or two later. But Tony always stresses that we should try to stay fully invested, because when the...

QAV S05E23 – Dr Jenny Fagg, 2Be

Our guest today is Dr Jenny Fagg, CEO, 2Be. Jenny has had a long career in banking and finance, with roles including Chief Risk Officer of AMP Limited, EVP of Products and Payments at CIBC, one of Canada’s five top banks, CEO and Managing Director of ANZ National Bank Limited, New Zealand’s largest bank and wealth business, Managing Director of ANZ Consumer Finance in Australia, senior leadership roles in risk and marketing management at Citibank, and Jenny established the consulting practice in retail lending and customer profitability at KPMG. She holds a PhD in Management (Risk) and a Bachelor of Economics (First Class Honours in Organisational Psychology). And she is also Tony’s wife. She joined us recently to talk about her new venture, her book, “The Gist of Generosity”,  and what it’s like being married to Tony. 

QAV S05E22 – Musical Chairs

Why investing is a little like musical chairs at the moment; why we should like it when the market makes mistakes; Apple announces BNPL service; changes to cash rate; Pulled Pork on PGL; Yancoal takeover update; Iron Ore no longer a Josie; fundie performance limited by short-termism; how to stay sane during corrections; reporting of qualified audits in half-yearly reports.

Transcript QAV #521

QAV 521 Club Cameron  00:07 Welcome to QAV. This is sort of a weird episode. Tony  00:13 Special Edition. Cameron  00:14 Yeah. Tony and I are in his apartment in Brisbane. He’s up here for a few days for the QAV dinner and other things. We’re recording...

QAV S05E21 – Excesses And Corrections

My circle of competence is just QAV ; Election result, investing implications ; SEQ and the “second buy line” ; outperformance by founder-led companies ; NHC’s big drop ; YAL halt ; Murph from ABC died ; Howard Marks’ latest memo on investor psychology ; Sri Lanka defaulting on $18bn of bonds. ; Underemployment rate now at 6.1% ; NUF has new results and crashed ; Australians lost $10Bn in crypto last year ; small stocks and Rule 1 ; what do you do in a market like this when you have a full portfolio and more capital ; a strong correlation between dividend yield and the QAV buy list ; Analysis of price to consensus target figures ; ME close v Price Chg 1mth (%) for calculating Josephine ; when a stock has done exceptionally well (say doubled) would TK use the proceeds to purchase two stocks? 

QAV S05E20 – The Contra Guys

A few months ago, one of our members put me on to Benj Gallander and Ben Stadelmann, two Canadian value investors who go by the moniker “Contra the Heard” ( They’ve been around a long time, have a track record almost as good as Tony’s, and they have a checklist! And when I reached out to them to invite them on to the show, I discovered that Ben and Tony were actually friends, from Tony’s years in Toronto. But in typical humble value investor style, they hadn’t really ever talked much about investing… until this interview we did a few weeks ago!

Transcript #519

QAV 519 Club Cameron  00:06 Welcome back to QAV, TK. Episode 519. Recording this Tuesday the 17th of May, 2:10 pm, on a slightly sunny day here in Brisbane. What’s the weather like down in Sydney? Tony  00:26 Well it’s not “shitney” today,...
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