TK Journal 2020-05-29

I am starting to Buy shares in Betashares Geared Australian Equity Fund (GEAR) today. — Still running through an end to end test of a new QAV spreadsheet. In doing so, found the following items to add to the journal: I have added a buy price alert in SD for IMA at...

TK Journal 2020-05-28

Good morning, there’s a new version of the watchlist, I have also started a new column to record if there is a qualified audit for this company in the last half results – No is good. — Cameron has made the decision to split the checklist into different...

TK Journal 2020-05-27

Both ECX and SSG reached their Buy prices yesterday. The updated watchlist including both of them as buys. — Version 3.5 of the QAV worksheet now contains TK’s current list of SD filters and the worksheet he exports them in to. I’ll update the QAV guide to...

TK Journal 2020-05-26

I added a Price alert to SD for ECX at $1.22 as a buy. This is how I drew my 3PTL for ECX: Hi Cam, After you asked which stock we should replace ZIM with in the dummy portfolio, I ran my SD QAV filter and looked at the new stocks that had an Uptrend signal using the...

TK Journal 2020-05-25

During our recording this morning, we discussed ZIM and their “qualified audit”. Tony suggested I sell if the stock drops below $10.00 again. When I was editing this afternoon, I noticed it was down to $9.65, so I sold it. I added TRS to my personal...

TK Journal 2020-05-22

Hi Cam, I took the Scott Pape, Barefoot Investor table a few steps further to show what the returns would be using the QAV 19.5% compound rate instead of the 10% for the index. Jen suggested I also calculate something which I have talked about for a while, investing...

TK Journal: 2020-05-21

From today I’m going to start keeping a public record of the notes Tony sends me here, rather than posting them in the Facebook group, so they are easier to find later. — Last night I analysed Whitehaven Coal (WHC) again and added a price alert to Stock Doctor...

S03E16 – The Data Hoarder

This week we have a 100 minute premium episode answering all of your excellent questions about subjects such as:
– banks and sentiment
– AQG / SSR merger
– Stanmore Coal acquisition offer
– Buying more when the price drops below the buy line
– Using a 5 yr/weekly chart to help fine tune your trend lines
– using the checklist to score LICs
– holding back on the retail sector
– thoughts about oil glut and prices affecting Oil/Coal companies 
– During times of volatility (like GFC or dot com bust) did Tony notice a similar increase in buy/sell? 
– How Tony stages his entry into a position
– How he regression test the results/model
– The buy line for OSH
– SFC sell price and recent update on their financials
– How does Tony decides what percentage of his capital to invest when he BUY stocks such as MQG
– How to analyse the TGP graph
– Why the TRS, WPL and MQG charts are different
– and Tony also introduces his new magic 3PTL maths.

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