TK Journal 2021-07-23

HI Cam, Mea Culpa, I stuffed up on Millenium Services Group (MIL) on a recent show. They have an “emphasis of matter in relation to going concern” in the their audit report. IE, they have a qualified Audit. Thanks for picking that up and I should have earlier, too....

QAV S04E29 – Gearing Up

Amendments to the 3PTL wording in the bible; how to calculate performance of a volatile portfolio; creating wealth by gearing a property; updating your 3PTL alerts; the pulled pork on SUN; sell lines for banks and other stocks with high QAV scores; KRM is stopping gold production, what does that mean for investors; C6C has dropped, when do we sell?

Transcript QAV 428

Original Episode: QAV 428 Club Cameron 00:07 Welcome back to QAV, TK. Episode 428. Still in lockdown. It was just like Episode 427.  And you told me earlier that somebody said that it could go on for a long time. Norman Swan said something? Tony 00:27 Yep, still....

QAV S04E28 – Headless Chickens

Another long episode (1.5 hours)! We talk about our performance vs the top funds; Buffett’s ABCs; Why TK bought gold miners over retailers last week; the idea of a “second peak”; HUM’s exposure to Forum Finance; the performance of the 2017 Dogs; a deep dive on MML and MIL; how Rule #1 works; how TK would invest if he was 25 again; whether or not I should sell MYR; copper physical vs futures; and how to spot “bad news” during reporting.

QAV S04E27 – The Mystery of The Reducing Scores

This week we discuss our EOFY result (48%); decide to sell VUK again; MYR and Solly Lew; SOTW is GRR; the Sell price for BCN; contrarian investor Michael O’Higgins’s ‘Dogs of the Dow’ strategy; Duncan and The Mystery of The Reducing Scores; the Copper and Coal commodity prices; the chart for SUL; how to understand IMA’s market depth report; Magellan’s intention to transition its High Conviction Trust listed investment company into an active exchange-traded fund; would apply 3PTL to a chart given the effect of a consolidation like for COG; and the sell lines for banks.

TK Journal 2021-07-08

As you’ll hear in today’s episode, Tony decided yesterday that we should sell VUK from the QAV portfolio and replace it with MIL. VUK has dropped below its sell line again. He’ll also sell it from his portfolio tomorrow, once the episode is...
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