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Aussie self-made millionaire investor Tony Kynaston teaches Cameron Reilly his system for investing in QUALITY shares AT the right VALUE

About QAV

Tony Kynaston is a former senior executive of companies like Coles and Shell. He started investing in the stock market 30 years ago and developed a methodology (by studying people like Warren Buffett) that allowed him to retire from his corporate career at age 43 and become a professional investor. The average return on his portfolio over the last 20 years has been 19.5% per annum – double the ASX index.

Cameron Reilly knows nothing about investing – but he is Australia’s podfather. After a career in IT and marketing at places like Microsoft, he created Australia’s first podcast in 2004 and has been doing it ever since, along with making a documentary, writing a couple of books,  and running a marketing strategy consulting business.



Tony Kynaston

Tony Kynaston

The Investor

Cameron Reilly

Cameron Reilly

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A real eye opener!

★★★★★ in Apple Podcasts by DahbbleD from Australia on July 19, 2019

You know, I really needed a kick up my financial backside so thank you Cam for steering me here and thanks Tony for putting your knowledge out there. I’ve been working away, paying my mortgage, saving little, if any money with blinkers on to my financial future. I have Super and just assume I’ll be fine. But this show has inspired me to actually get my hands dirty with my own financial situation. Fascinating listening!
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Found it!

★★★★★ in Apple Podcasts by wizworcanada from Canada on July 19, 2019

I have been looking for a podcast about investing for years! Cam and Tony make complicated investment terms, processes and strategies accessible and practical. I highly recommend!
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Investing slowly

★★★★★ in Apple Podcasts by Maverick0452 from Australia on July 19, 2019

As a consumer of Cameron Reilly’s other podcast output it is good to now have a show that has some practical application. Well done to Tony for exposing the rest of us as worthless failures on the economic scale. I will just have to be content with being a nice person. In my own mind.
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A Quick Introduction

Why Should You Listen?

Tony is not only a successful investor, he’s also a good bloke.  He’s not flashy. He’s not trying to get you to invest in a fund. He’s just a regular bloke who has spent 30 years becoming a black belt investor. And I have convinced him to take time out each week to teach me everything he knows when he’d rather just be playing golf. 

If you want to learn how to think like a millionaire and build an investment portfolio, either for yourself or for your kids, then this podcast is for you. 

Below is a short introduction to the series. 


Series Introduction    |   5 min

S01E24 – The “Good” Coal (updated)

Season 1, Episode 24  The "Good" CoalTony talks about the Aussie economy and whether or not he thinks the value of the dollar is closely related to a coming economic collapse. We also talk about whether or not value investing is dead. For our club members, Tony then...

S01E23 – Beware The Black Swan

Season 1, Episode 23  Beware The Black Swan Today our guest is Roger Montgomery from Montgomery Investment Management to talk about his approach to value investing and what he thinks is going on with the Australian market and economy at the moment. Lots of great...

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