Learn the strategy a multi-millionaire investor has used to beat the market for 25 years.

Long-time Eureka Report subscriber and very successful investor, Tony Kynaston, (his 20-year return is 19.5% per annum) has started a new podcast in which he teaches Cameron Reilly about investing. It's good!

Alan Kohler

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A Scientific Approach To Investing

Learn the strategy a multi-millionaire investor has used to beat the market for 25 years.

Long-time Eureka Report subscriber and very successful investor, Tony Kynaston, (his 20-year return is 19.5% per annum) has started a new podcast in which he teaches Cameron Reilly about investing. It’s good!

Alan Kohler

Eureka Report

About the Podcast

TONY KYNASTON is a multi-millionaire professional investor who lives in Sydney. Thanks to the checklist system he developed, the average return on his portfolio over the last 20 years has been 19.5% per annum (after tax and costs have been deducted).

CAMERON REILLY knew nothing about investing before this podcast – but he was Australia’s first podcaster, has made a documentary, and has written a few books. He lives in Brisbane.

This show is a no bullshit, zero-hype look at the timeless fundamentals of long-term share investing: how to find and buy stocks in good quality companies at a reasonable price.

QAV stands for “Quality At Value”.

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Tony Kynaston & Cameron Reilly


When we started the podcast back in 2019, we created a portfolio to go along with it so our audience can see how the system works in real-time. Learn more.



Click here to watch a short video introduction to the show and to listen to three episodes which give a background on Tony and his  scientific approach to investing.

The Novice Investor

Just want to say thanks to TK and Cam. As a completely novice investor I’ve ended up with a 61.63% total return for the last financial year according to sharesight. Obviously not expecting that sort of return every year but QAV is definitely working well for me.

Mark M

The Oracle of Darlinghurst

After cramming QAV episodes in early Jan I started investing approx. $10k a month consistently throughout this year.
Following QAV about 85% of the time (Stock Doctor 5%, instinct/dumb luck 10%) our portfolio is up 44% so far this year. Obviously we’re delighted with the return, but on reflection, the best part has been the confidence that Tony’s system brings. Even if I were never to listen to another QAV episode, outperformance seems pretty much assured with discipline and consistency and time. But why do the hard work when the Oracle of Darlinghurst continues to lay it out on a plate for us! 


Highly Recommended

I’ve learnt so much from this great investing podcast. Tony teaches Cam how he’s invested successfully for the past 20+ years. Also supported by an active Facebook group and website. Especially interesting in these crazy times! I look forward to every ep!


Loving this from other side of the world

Aussie in Budapest for the last 7 years. I have been listening to QAV for 3 months and love the banter and wealth of knowledge. It’s like having an investing mentor in your back pocket. Thanks Tony and Cameron for making this happen.



I have been listening to the podcast for about 6 weeks, the information provided is useful. Tony and Cam provide great insight into the stock market while keeping the podcast entertaining. I also become a QAV member and have welcomed by Tony and Cam. Fantastic podcast and QAV website for people willing to put in the effort to engage with the content provided.

Steven Dagys


This is a rare commodity. Both entertaining and fantastic information. Cameron and Tony bounce off each other really well while sharing the best stock market investing framework and process I’ve heard. Tony isn’t just a commentator- he shares his practical and proven method which is ideal for serious DIY investors.



This is a great investing podcast. These two bounce off each other well. Love the banter and the chance to gain access into the mind of a very successful investor


Highly Recommended

This is an outstanding podcast, probably the best investing style resource I have found. Cameron and Tony’s relaxed teaching style is easy to follow yet displays a deep knowledge of markets and company valuation. Each show is packed full of gems, and is useful for both novice and expert investors. Highly recommended!


Terrific educational podcast

Commonsense advice for share investing: don’t ignore the crowd and buy high quality cheap stocks. Pretty much the same advice you should use for buying anything.


Fantastic podcast.

I have been listening to Cam and Tony now for a few months and found the information very helpful and enlightening. The have a great way of passing you information with a light hearted feel to the way it is presented. Cam does a fantastic job at hosting the podcast and has some many everyday comments to make the content down to normal human level. Tony is a wealth of knowledge and sharing this for everyone is fantastic. I have been recommending friends to tune in to this Podcast to help learn and grow in their knowledge. Well done to the both of you. Thanks Troy B


Emotionless and fun

I can buy and sell houses, without emotion but have not had the same understanding in shares.

Tony and Cameron bring an emotionless analysis that remains unchanged (unless improved) which takes the emotion out of selecting quality shares that are undervalued and explain how they do it!

People (like me) who have little or no understanding can follow this process easily and have success! Cameron is a laugh and manages to boil Tony’s knowledge down to ‘Laymen’s Terms’ so that even I can understand what’s going on. Tony is one of the humblest people I know who is willing to learn from others as much as he’s willing to share his own knowledge and understanding and the community they have created in the Members-only QAV section is a collection of people that are just as willing to have a go AND share their experiences.

All round a brilliant learning environment for newbies like myself to not just learn but to excel and be successful! I am recommending them to all friends and family.

Well done Cameron and Tony. Love your work!





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