Long-time Eureka Report subscriber and very successful investor, Tony Kynaston, (his 20-year return is 19.5% per annum) has started a new podcast in which he teaches Cameron Reilly about investing. It's good!

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Tony Kynaston is a professional Australian share investor with a 25 year+ track record of achieving an average 19.5% compound annual return.

Based on his decades of studying the methods of famous value investors like Warren Buffett and Peter Lynch, Tony developed the QAV checklist system for analysing stocks. It tells him what to buy and when to buy it.

On this podcast Tony teaches his friend Cameron Reilly how to use the checklist to become a successful investor.

It’s like a weekly university class on value investing from a full-time investor with a private portfolio bigger than some funds (according to his stockbroker).


This is a show for people who want to be serious investors.

What is “value investing”?

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About QAV

Tony Kynaston is a former senior executive of companies like Coles and Shell. He started investing in the stock market 30 years ago and developed a simple checklist methodology (by studying people like Warren Buffett) that allowed him to retire from his corporate career at age 43 and become a professional investor. And he’s done pretty well since then. The average return on his portfolio over the last 20 years has been 19.5% per annum – double the ASX index. Year in and year out.

Cameron Reilly, on the other hand, knows nothing about investing – but he is Australia’s podfather. After a career in IT and marketing at places like Microsoft, he created Australia’s first podcast in 2004 and has been doing it ever since, along with making a documentary, writing a couple of books,  and running a marketing strategy consulting business.



Tony Kynaston & Cameron Reilly

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