QAV S04E35 – Seafood Tony

This week we have some big news, talk about some minor errors we’ve fixed in the checklist and bible, then Tony does a pulled pork on COG, we explain ASX’s cash flow anomaly from last week, Tony talk about some recent regression testing he has done on selling when the QAV score hits 0.5 and on using ROE in our checklist, Shell scenario planning frameworks, whether or not we should discount sentiment for companies with a small float, which part of the cycle Tony thinks the market is in and whether or not it matters, MYE’s falling QAV score, the sell line for CDD, the buy line for CAA, and how Tony treats REITs.

QAV S04E33 – Rule #2

On this episode we talk about finding ASX300 stocks, CGF is the pulled pork, range trading, buying and selling during reporting season, Rule #2, calculating portfolio returns for volatile portfolios, natural gas, palladium, nickel and aluminium stocks, taking quality of management into consideration, the CBA off market buy back, the MXI 5:1 consolidation, sell lines for stocks going ex-dividend and our TV, movie and music recommendations!

QAV S04E32 – The Big Rotation

Today Tony is talking a lot about commodity prices and what their decline means for our portfolio. Iron ore, gold, copper and platinum are all in decline. We also talk about the “Dogs of QAV” model, SKT, RIO, CBA, DSK, Superhero’s performance issues, and explain what a “Josephine” is.

QAV S04E31 – Rule #1

This week we talk about why MML crashed after it announced its quarterly results. How Tony uses “Rule #1” to avoid losing money. Lots of interesting things going on with oil at the moment. How mergers and acquisitions can be a signal of late market cycle behaviour. Why FMG’s huge dividend payout is a signal of things changing with the company. RIO’s results in Stock Doctor. How Tony updates his scorecard in the early stages of reporting season. His pulled pork this week is CCV. How to calculate the performance of a portfolio with a lot of capital in and out flows. And the idea of adding ROE>20% as an item to the checklist.


This week we talk about MIL’s “Emphasis of Matter”, MXI’s trading halt, MTO’s sell line, MML’s sell line, ABA’s buy line, WWG’s QAV score, investing in QAV to build up a deposit for a property, Tony’s pulled pork is HZN, CBA’s sell line, MQG’s sell line, the oil price’s sell line, ANZ’s sell line, tailwinds, using EV/EBITDA, XRO’s sell line, how Tony defines an uptick, and our guest today (club edition only) is Alison Harrington, Brisbane Convenor and Education Officer Qld for the Australian Shareholders’ Association, who talks about women in investing.

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