TK Journal 2021-07-23

HI Cam, Mea Culpa, I stuffed up on Millenium Services Group (MIL) on a recent show. They have an “emphasis of matter in relation to going concern” in the their audit report. IE, they have a qualified Audit. Thanks for picking that up and I should have earlier, too....

QAV S04E29 – Gearing Up

Amendments to the 3PTL wording in the bible; how to calculate performance of a volatile portfolio; creating wealth by gearing a property; updating your 3PTL alerts; the pulled pork on SUN; sell lines for banks and other stocks with high QAV scores; KRM is stopping gold production, what does that mean for investors; C6C has dropped, when do we sell?

Transcript QAV 428

Original Episode: QAV 428 Club Cameron 00:07 Welcome back to QAV, TK. Episode 428. Still in lockdown. It was just like Episode 427.  And you told me earlier that somebody said that it could go on for a long time. Norman Swan said something? Tony 00:27 Yep, still....
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