Our ASA Webinar

Tony and I did a webinar for the Australian Shareholders Association on 15 April, 2021. You can watch it here. It’s a quick introduction to Tony’s QAV system.

TK Journal 2021-03-31

Hi Cam, The CEO of Inghams (ING) resigned last night and ING has passed below its Sell line. I own shares and will probably Sell them today. I will see how the market opens as the shares are only slightly below there Sell line. I am running a download this morning to...

TK Journal 2021-03-26

Kathmandu (KMD) has a January 31 results date, which is common for retailers who are too busy with christmas trading to do their year end accounts in December. KMD remains on the Buy List (just) with a QAV score of 0.10. Regards,...
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