On this week’s episode: Tin is a buy, which makes MLX (the subject of Tony’s pulled pork) a buy. BRK is just an oil play as far as we can tell, but Crude Oil just became a sell. We clarify Steve Mabb’s thoughts on using Betashares Australian High Interest Cash ETF (AAA) to park our cash and agree it’s worth a try. Artificial intelligence powers US shares into a bull market, but will it help the AORD? Tony continues to criticise the RBA’s use of interest rates. If DBI is a “bond proxy” should it be on our buy list? C6C dropped by 18% yesterday – we don’t know why, but discuss whether or not there are any Rule 1 fudges.


QAV #709 – The Architect (fixed)

This week: We discuss our favourite bits of Buffett’s new annual letter, and Tony does a pulled pork on Vulcan Steel (VSL).

Also in the Club Edition: We discuss the results of a new 20% Rule 1 simulation, Reporting Season News, LNG is a sell, Data shows Cathie Wood’s Ark is one of the worst funds, NVIDIA results, and TK’s perspective on ‘Losing too many stocks’ to M&A.

QAV #708 – Buridan’s Ass (fixed)

This week: The market remains buoyant on the back of positive earnings, DTL crashes 22%, Buridan’s Ass, Pulled Pork AGL.

Also in the Club edition: Darryl’s portfolio analysis, Magnificent 7 profits now exceed almost every country in the world, SD ASX 300 change, Jordan’s Renko and hugline regression testing.


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