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On this show we drink scotch and answer questions about sentiment, bad news, CCP’s Operating Cash Flow, the sell price for TRS and investing in borderline star stocks.


We chat about a couple of recent articles (see below) and then talk about Tony’s recent alerts involving LYL and KCN. Next we run AMI through the QAV Checklist and answer some questions about why the “buy list” is so large and whether or not we should/could shorten it using Stock Doctor filters.


Another 90 minute Club episode this week! Investor, “unemployed shoe salesman” and new board member of The Australian Shareholders Association, Steven Mabb, joins us to talk about the value that the ASA brings to retail shareholders and tries to sell Tony on becoming a member. Then we get into this week’s questions, including how long Tony waits before selling a “non-performing” stock; whether or not TK would sell a stock in his portfolio because it’s QAV score dropped below 0.1; whether or not TK would wait to see what the US market does before he buys something locally; and whether or not he has tried applying Benjamin Graham’s formula for capitalization rates for growth stocks.

S03E30 – Share Shaming

On this episode we talk about why we are not trying to compete with APT investors; Tony’s recent stock buys and analysis; how he uses his “watch list” and why we’ve changed its name to the “buy list”; we we’re still manually calculating the price-to-cash ratio instead of using Stock Doctor’s figure; improved wording on how to draw a three point trend SELL line; and why sometimes a stock with great numbers might have a falling knife.

S03E29 – ALEX HAY 2

Tony’s stock broker of 25+ years, Alex Hay, a partner at broking firm EL&C Baillieu, joins us again today to talk about the different kinds of buy & sell orders and how to use them. Outside of that, Tony and I also talk about our dummy portfolio, which made it back into the black, and some excel formula errors we’ve picked up recently in the checklist.


Here’s our recent chat with Tobias Carlisle, author of several books on value investing, including ‘The Acquirer’s Multiple: How the Billionaire Contrarians of Deep Value Beat the Market’, and the managing director of The Aquirers Fund.


We run the checklist over SFR, review Tony’s recent journal entries, and then answer your questions about capital gains tax, share consolidations, 3PTL lines, why TK was buying BPT, OFX’s cash situation, forsaking profit by waiting for sell line breaches, leveraging your home to buy shares, how the “Manually entered scores” tab works on the checklist, and whether or not TK has seen better/worse/same returns when his allocations allowed him to buy small/micro caps. We also review the EOFY positions for our dummy portfolio and TK’s portfolio.

S03E26 – Elio D’Amato

Today we chat with Elio D’Amato, Host of Spotee, Independent investment expert and former Executive Director at Lincoln Indicators.

S03E25 – The Fudge

On this episode we talk about Tony’s recent journal entries regarding ADH, WSA and SFR, then we answer your questions about why we might invest in companies with poor financial health scores on Stock Doctor; why Tony isn’t a “range trader”; how Tony would start a new fund with only $10K; whether or not we should wait until reporting season before investing; definitions of “positive sentiment”; and the current takeover of IFN.

S03E24 – The Schrödinger

We start off this episode with a recap of last week’s journal entries, then answer your questions about when Tony sells a stock, how to build a portfolio from scratch, the pros and cons of different Buy and Sell order types, and which stocks are in Tony’s portfolio.

S03E23 – Johannes Risseeuw, Damstra

Our guest today is Johannes Risseeuw, Executive Chairman of Damstra (DTC). He talks to us about what Damstra does, what the role of an Executive Chairman involves, the capital raising process, and what Tony was like 20 years ago when they worked together at Shell.

S03E22 – TINA

We talk about the thinking behind some of Tony’s recent journal entries, including Eclipx (ECX), AGL, Credit Corp (CCP) and Sandfire Resources (SFR). Then we get into answering questions. Elmar asks about Michael Hill International (MHJ) and how to mathematically find out at what point the selected stock is no longer a buy. Chris asks whether or not we can use a moving average to replace the three-point trend line. Dr J asks how Tony decides when to sell a stock.

S03E21 – Riding It Out

On this Q&A episode, TK answers questions about whether stocks that have been bought in an Up trend perform better than those bought after a break out from a Down Trend, about the relative importance of market depth for LYL, whether or not profit taking makes any sense, how he uses the the 52 week high AFR list, HUG lines, the three point trend line for ANZ, and the logic of selling AGD.

S03E20 – Stephen Mayne

Stephen Mayne is one of Australia’s best known and most feared shareholder activists. He’s also the founder of Crikey, a writer for InvestSmart and claims to own the world’s biggest small share portfolio: 500 holdings worth less than $30,000. He came on today to chat about capital raisings and shareholder activism.

S03E19 – Starting From Scratch

TK talks me through how to re-evaluate the watchlist when we are ready to buy something and then we answer your questions about the recently added Stock Doctor filters (SDMax, Financial Health Trend, etc), the GEAR buy last week, how much time Tony spends on his portfolio each day and the pros and cons of having a portfolio of only 10 stocks instead of 20.

S03E18 – St Anthony

Today “St Anthony” answers your questions, reveals the true cost of sending kids to private school, and explains how he approaches raising a wealthy child.

S03E17 – Michael Dee, Pythagoras

Our guest this week is Michael Dee from Pythagoras Investing – His tool “predicts the timing of upcoming share events and their positive or negative price effects.”

S03E16 – The Data Hoarder

This week we have a 100 minute premium episode answering all of your excellent questions about subjects such as:
– banks and sentiment
– AQG / SSR merger
– Stanmore Coal acquisition offer
– Buying more when the price drops below the buy line
– Using a 5 yr/weekly chart to help fine tune your trend lines
– using the checklist to score LICs
– holding back on the retail sector
– thoughts about oil glut and prices affecting Oil/Coal companies 
– During times of volatility (like GFC or dot com bust) did Tony notice a similar increase in buy/sell? 
– How Tony stages his entry into a position
– How he regression test the results/model
– The buy line for OSH
– SFC sell price and recent update on their financials
– How does Tony decides what percentage of his capital to invest when he BUY stocks such as MQG
– How to analyse the TGP graph
– Why the TRS, WPL and MQG charts are different
– and Tony also introduces his new magic 3PTL maths.

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