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S01E24 – The “Good” Coal (updated)

Season 1, Episode 24  The "Good" CoalTony talks about the Aussie economy and whether or not he thinks the value of the dollar is closely related to a coming economic collapse. We also talk about whether or not value investing is dead. For our club members, Tony then...

Is value investing really dead?

Lots of people seem to think the principles of value investing, as articulated by Benjamin Graham and Warren Buffett, are out-dated and, indeed, dead. Finance journalist Rudi Filapek-Vandyck, of, suggests people clinging to value investing are “grown up,...

S01E23 – Beware The Black Swan

Season 1, Episode 23  Beware The Black Swan Today our guest is Roger Montgomery from Montgomery Investment Management to talk about his approach to value investing and what he thinks is going on with the Australian market and economy at the moment. Lots of great...

S01E22 – Turning Into Gold

Season 1, Episode 22  Turning Into Gold The last week of Tony's vacation, so I'm playing the analysis of small gold producer MEDUSA MINING (MML) we recorded late June. Spoiler alert: it turns out pretty well.   Please note: If you want to listen to the premium...

S01E20 – How Fresh Is WOW?

Season 1, Episode 20 How Fresh Is WOW? As Tony was too busy evaluating the quality of Scotland's golf courses and single malts to get on the phone with me this week, our show consists of a checklist analysis we did in Sydney in early June about Woolworths (WOW). This...

S01E17 – Matt Joass

Season 1, Episode 17  Matt Joass Matt Joass joins us today for a fun talk about his own investing strategy, particularly how to assess the opportunity of high growth stocks. Matt is the former portfolio manager for Motley Fool Pro in Australia, former co-host of the...