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S01E20 – How Fresh Is WOW?

Season 1, Episode 20 How Fresh Is WOW? As Tony was too busy evaluating the quality of Scotland's golf courses and single malts to get on the phone with me this week, our show consists of a checklist analysis we did in Sydney in early June about Woolworths (WOW). This...

S01E17 – Matt Joass

Season 1, Episode 17  Matt Joass Matt Joass joins us today for a fun talk about his own investing strategy, particularly how to assess the opportunity of high growth stocks. Matt is the former portfolio manager for Motley Fool Pro in Australia, former co-host of the...

S01E16 – When To Exit An Old Portfolio

Season 1, Episode 16  When To Exit An Old Portfolio Tony talks about when you should exit a portfolio you may have bought before you started your QAV analysis. And our stock of the week is Rand Mining (RND), a gold mining operation in WA. Here's a short clip: ...

S01E15 – When Should You Sell? (updated)

Season 1, Episode 15  When Should You Sell?  Today we're talking about when you should sell a stock that has passed the checklist. And our stock of the week is Vocus (VOC). A vertically integrated telecommunications provider, operating in the Australian and New...

S01E14 – How Shorting Works

Season 1, Episode 14  How Shorting Works  On this episode, we talk about the RBA dropping interest rates and other signs the economy is weakening and what that means for investing. We also talk about how shorting the market works as an investment tool. And our stock...

Kohler on Unemployment

This is a short clip from our most recent episode where Alan Kohler talks about adding together the unemployment and UNDERemployment figures to get a true idea of where the economy is at.  

S01E13 – Alan Kohler

Season 1, Episode 13  Alan Kohler  Our guest today is one of Australia's most respected financial journalists - Alan Kohler. Tony has been a big fan of Alan's work for decades and was as giddy as a K-Pop fan about getting Alan on the show. Alan gave us his thoughts on...