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QAV #348 – John Winters, Superhero

John Winters is the CEO of Superhero, the latest digital broking app to hit the Australian market, which offers $5 flat rate trades. A few of our listeners were concerned about how Superhero “owns” the stock that you buy through their app, so we invited John on to explain how it works and why we should all relax.

QAV 347 – Screaming Buy

On today’s show: AJO quits. Unemployment in Oz at record levels. What does Tony do when he finds a “screaming buy” but can’t understand the underlying rational for the business? Calculating the SSG 3PTL sell price. Net Operating Cashflow vs Net Equity.

QAV 346- Bill Liao, VC & Philanthropist

Bill Liao was one of Australia’s original tech entrepreneurs. Today he’s a Partner at SOS Ventures in Ireland where it manages their investments in life science startups. He’s also a passionate social entrepreneur who has founded a number of important charities. We invited him on to chat about how a VC values a tech startup.

QAV 345 – Profit Taking Swill

This week we talk about why volatility and risk are not the same thing and why we embrace volatility in our portfolio. We also discuss how the ATO treats “investors” versus “traders”, the HAW dividend / capital return, and more!

S03E44 – Upwardly Volatile

This week we talk about why volatility and risk are not the same thing and why we embrace volatility in our portfolio. We also discuss how the ATO treats “investors” versus “traders”, the HAW dividend / capital return, and more!

S03E43 – Superhero(s)

Lots of talk this week about the new trading app Superhero, how to use Stock Doctor’s Relative Strength Indicator, how franking credits work, whether or not Tony waits for an uptick before buying a stock, fudging the covid cough, borrowing funds to invest, and much more.

S03E42 – Boring Is Beautiful

We start off talking about our Year One result for the QAV portfolio. Is 6.3% a good result in the current market? Questions this week include topics about how quickly Tony sells once a stock breaches its sell line; CCP’s price drop; Macquarie Group’s (MQG) profit hit; whether or not Tony went to 100% cash after COVID; what to do when half of your buy list have negative sentiment; and the Alacer Gold and SSR Mining merger.

S03E41 – Kien Trinh, Lincoln Indicators

We are very excited today to have Kien Trinh, the Head of Research from Lincoln Indicators (the company behind Stock Doctor) on our show! Kien talked to us about why Stock Doctor is such a powerful tool for serious investors.

S03E40 – ZOOM #3

This is the audio transcript of a Zoom group chat Tony and I did with some of our QAV Club members on 7 Sept 2020. Lots of great questions were answered.


Tony refines what he means by “the highest peak”; Steve Mabb explains his recent 3PTL experiment; how Tony would invest an influx of cash; selling GEAR and buying ECX; and running through TK’s journal entries for the week. In overtime we discuss Japanese knives, David Lee Roth, Charlie Brown, Kill Bill and other stuff unrelated to investing.


Should we buy stocks on our buy list from the Top Down or the Bottom Up? That’s the question we try to answer this week. Apart from that, we’re delving into some questions of my own about his checklist, as well as listener questions about NTD, FMG, CCP and, in overtime (that’s what I’m calling the QAV Club section now), Tony walks us through how he updates the checklist.


This week’s episode contains extra investing fudge! We discuss Wilshire GDP / Shiller PE / CAPE ratios, what red flags to look for in company reports, how to score a New 3pt Upturn, Shortman, Warren Buffett’s secret, and Tony discusses some of the latest companies that he has evaluated.


Michael Goldberg, one of the principals and founders of Collins St Value Fund, was kind enough to talk to us for 90 minutes yesterday about how CSVF became one of the best performing funds in Australia, achieving a 13.5 percent return in 2019-20 compared with the ASX 200 Index which was down 7.7 percent.


Questions this week about NWS; Buffett buying into Barrick Gold; what a stapled security is; what Tony’s worst returning year was; whether or not we can invest in Apollo (ATL) again; and Tony’s general process during the reporting period.


Question this week include how Tony uses the “most undervalued ASX20 stock” strategy; whether or not ATS being a Schrodinger makes it a sell; and 3PTL help on KCN, GGUS and FMG. We also discuss Tony’s recent journal entries, Sam Elliott’s mustache, Allison Janney the horse, Hamilton the Musical, and Tony’s Rain Man-esque memory for details.


On this show we drink scotch and answer questions about sentiment, bad news, CCP’s Operating Cash Flow, the sell price for TRS and investing in borderline star stocks.


We chat about a couple of recent articles (see below) and then talk about Tony’s recent alerts involving LYL and KCN. Next we run AMI through the QAV Checklist and answer some questions about why the “buy list” is so large and whether or not we should/could shorten it using Stock Doctor filters.


Another 90 minute Club episode this week! Investor, “unemployed shoe salesman” and new board member of The Australian Shareholders Association, Steven Mabb, joins us to talk about the value that the ASA brings to retail shareholders and tries to sell Tony on becoming a member. Then we get into this week’s questions, including how long Tony waits before selling a “non-performing” stock; whether or not TK would sell a stock in his portfolio because it’s QAV score dropped below 0.1; whether or not TK would wait to see what the US market does before he buys something locally; and whether or not he has tried applying Benjamin Graham’s formula for capitalization rates for growth stocks.

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