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QAV 721 – Dr No

In 721 we discuss the pain of FND, why Aussie investors keep investing in unprofitable companies, and TK does a Pulled Pork on SRV.

In the club edition only: the myth of the ‘new normal’, why LIC AFIC is selling below its NTA, how Aussie investors can benefit from the AI boom, what we should do about copper prices being up, how to interpret the number of buys going down, how often is TK is making purchases based on factors outside the numbers, and how to interpret the resignation of the PRN CFO.

QAV 720 – Boom!

The Budget cometh, Lessons in Kindness from Buffett, and a Deep Dive into Boom Logistics.

Also in the Club edition: Reflections on Jim Simons and Quant Investing, Navigating Market Fluctuations: FND and FPR Updates, Exploring VYS’s Surge, Elon Musk’s Suggestion to Warren Buffett, Marcus has a question about applying quality score to existing holdings, Jim asks about Life 360, Stock Doctor Data Integrity Issues, Nick asks about Josephine rules, Trent asks about AGL and LNG

QAV 719 – Peaking at 99

This week we’re talking about the Berkshire Annual Meeting, China’s gold purchases, a pulled pork on EHL (Emeco Holdings), SXE profit guidance update, Regression testing Price < Cons, Activists vs Karoon Energy (KAR), Austal (ASB) backers want Hanwha Group in the race, TRS is a 3PTL Sell, Apollo sinks THL, Morningstar valuations, banks doing large buybacks.

QAV 718 – Poifect!

This week we’re talking to Matt Walker about his regression testing system, Stock Doctor’s continuing data quality issues, NCK‘s UK expansion, HMC Capital takes aim at GNC, fudging DUR and LAU, and get some insider information about Austal Ships.

QAV 717 – The Power of Sacrifice

This episode includes a deep dive analysis of Bank of QLD (BOQ), Joyce Corporation Ltd (JYC) and Atlas Pearls Ltd (ATP), Howard Marks on Chess and Risk, Dummy Portfolio and dividends, and a regression testing update on QAV scores.

QAV 716 – The Omnishambles

The AORD dropped this week, as did BOQ, TK does a Pulled pork on RSG.

Also in the Club edition: WOW’s CEO threatened with time in the big house, FND does an Indian ATM deal, TK talks about the Pulled Pork and Billionaire Portfolios.

QAV 715 – The Fourth of the Fourth

The IMF on China, Diller on Trump Social, Bitcoin and Beanie Babies, pulled pork on A1M.

Also in the Club edition: Cash and Armaguard, Anscombe’s Quartet, Regression testing, Tesla veers to the EV slow lane, Ex-defence minister Pyne is Hanwha’s man in Canberra, Karoon plots path from oil junior to major through Gulf of Mexico, and a thought experiment about when TK would sell if the stock market didn’t give live prices.

QAV 714 – Tessellating Nonagons

This week: Daniel Kahneman RIP, Sturgeon’s Law, Pulled pork on ASB

Plus, in the Club edition: Valuing Bitcoin, Coking coal a sell, New Regression Testing results, Alchemy substack,
Collins St does well again, ABB news, the performance of founder lead companies.

QAV 713 – Highly Sensitive Stocks

This week: Do ASX investors need to get used to expensive stocks, and a pulled Pork on G8 Education (GEM).

Also in the Club edition: theories on why KSC spiked, whether AMC CEO’s sudden resignation is a red flag, MEA is being sold, Macquarie’s new FOMO meter, ABB’s Superloop troubles, and what to do if you still own VUK.