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QAV S04E14 – Water Your Flowers

Ray Dalio on BTC. Lou Simpson’s investing philosophy. The proposed TLS break-up. Selling low dividend payers. Tolerance for older data. KRMs health score. 3PTL for ADH, HLA & HVN. Tony’s view on the Iron trend line. Replacing IV1 and IV2 with PE ratios.

QAV S04E13 – Home Invasions

This week: MRC firing their CEO and the price dropped 25% – why didn’t we sell?; Lincoln fund results; ASA webinar by James Holt; WAAAX performance 20/21; CVL down 13% since we bought it; MAH groundhog; Flitman model is out; red flags for companies that might go into a trading halt; why share prices fall after they go ex dividend; how TK decides what to sell when he needs to take cash out of his portfolio; commodity stocks sell lines; sentiment for HAW, AGD, AIS; is GCY now a sell?

QAV S04E12 – The Death Cross

Selling BEN; calculating portfolio performance; stocks being removed from an index; companies with just six months of data; timing of a new 3pt upturn; share buy backs; DPS vs EPS; qualified audits; Vocus (VOC) takeover; highest QAV scores for ASX200; “GOLDEN CROSS” and “DEATH CROSS”; company notices; balancing out tax payable on portfolio gains.

QAV S04E11 – Balancing The Fudge

Workshops; Lemmings; CBA launches BNPL service; CVL below the buy price; STOW = GCY; ZIM audit unsplatted; How Tony decided to sell a stock before the 3PTL; Should we fudge the ECX sell line; EVZ qualified audit; what metrics make up the SD IV; where Tony learnt how to draw 3PTL; gold price chart on index mundi; how the chi x works with or along side the asx.

QAV S04E10 – Xmas In March

The 2021 Buffett newsletter; Why we sold HAW & RMS; how important is negative EPS; the impact of unlisted share options; the high prices of the banking sector; Tony’s thoughts on Dividend reinvestment plans; and Tony’s thoughts on investing through high inflation or high interest rate environments such as the 1980s.

QAV S04E09 – David Waldron

Our guest on this episode is American investor David Waldron, author of “Build Wealth With Common Stocks”, a great, new introduction to value investing.

QAV S04E08 – A Good Process

Selling HAW. GME lawsuit. Changes to disclosure law. Stock of the week. Return on Equity as a metric. Greater portfolio allocation for higher QAV scores. Trendline buffers. Manually entered scores. BOQ / ME merger. MXI qualified audit. MQG Capital Notes 5 raise. Selling “overvalued” stocks.

QAV S04E07 – Giving AFIC

The Kohler Effect. Broker Speak. ETF surge. Rudi on Value. The “Buffett indicator”. Stock of the week – BOQ. On market share buyback facilities. GDG and Pooled Development Fund (PDF). Reporting season patterns. MSV impairment announcement. Last Period Analysed column. KRM care and maintenance. VUK sell line.

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