Portfolio updates; Market’s had a rough week; Thermal Coal Sell line; CDM shouldn’t be on the buy list; Yields rose as Lowe, traders lunched; RBA raises rates; Seven in potential merger with HT&E; Elon Musk sat with Rupert Murdoch at the Superbowl; Pulled Pork is FBU; U.S. v AUS short-term capital gains; why TK holds FHE; what criteria Tony follows to justify adding to an existing position; Where we are currently in terms of Dow Theory; MEA buyback announcement


QAV 721 – Dr No

In 721 we discuss the pain of FND, why Aussie investors keep investing in unprofitable companies, and TK does a Pulled Pork on SRV.

In the club edition only: the myth of the ‘new normal’, why LIC AFIC is selling below its NTA, how Aussie investors can benefit from the AI boom, what we should do about copper prices being up, how to interpret the number of buys going down, how often is TK is making purchases based on factors outside the numbers, and how to interpret the resignation of the PRN CFO.

QAV 720 – Boom!

The Budget cometh, Lessons in Kindness from Buffett, and a Deep Dive into Boom Logistics.

Also in the Club edition: Reflections on Jim Simons and Quant Investing, Navigating Market Fluctuations: FND and FPR Updates, Exploring VYS’s Surge, Elon Musk’s Suggestion to Warren Buffett, Marcus has a question about applying quality score to existing holdings, Jim asks about Life 360, Stock Doctor Data Integrity Issues, Nick asks about Josephine rules, Trent asks about AGL and LNG


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