Liz Truss is a genius ; COAL – if thermal is a buy, and coking is a Josephine, how do we treat YAL; I screwed up with SMR today; Portfolio updates; RBA increasing rates today; David Gottesman, Warren Buffett Partner, Dies; The market PE ratio is falling; Recession in my mind, is almost certain; All ords down 7.13% on a 1 year basis. but the Small ords is down 22.24%; Pulled Pork on: BFG; the Investment Clock; how to determine if there has been a recent positive upturn; why does TK think “Capital Goods” companies are starting to show up in droves on our list; the theory of “3PTL Sells” and dividends.


QAV 725 – Mr Lazy & Mr Dumb

In this episode of QAV, Cameron and Tony dive into recent market activities, the RBA’s decisions, the Lindy Effect, substantial shareholder announcements, and GrainCorp’s prospects, along with a detailed analysis of Embark Early Education (EVO). Member questions about living off a share portfolio during down years and the differences between value and quality investing are addressed. Additionally, Tony clarifies the calculation of shares on issue for Rio Tinto, emphasizing global figures for earnings per share. In after hours, the duo also covers Mario Puzo’s ‘The Godfather’, Alphonse Mucha, and the Archibald Prize, and discuss the potential and risks of AI, drawing references from science fiction. They wrap up with thoughts on films and books, including ‘Klara and the Sun’.

QAV 724 – Our First U.S. Episode

In this episode of QAV, Cam and Tony explore the U.S. market for the first time, with a brief introduction of Tony and his QAV system of value investing, a discussion of value v growth investing, a discussion of the performance of our U.S. dummy portfolio, a deep dive or ‘Pulled Pork’ segment on Reinsurance Group of America (RGA), and a review of the FY survey results we’ve received so far from club members.


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