Stock Doctor have stopped issuing their “Lincoln Valuations” (what we call the SD IV), NAB breached its sell line but also went ex-div, we sold CLX from the QAV portfolio, coal price is dropping, VTG on the buy list, ECX has new results, HAW now in the iron ore business, Stocks Of The Week are YOW and PRU, and does Rule #1 apply to small caps.

In the Club edition, we also talk about whether or not QAV is shifting markets, will ECX settle down when the buy back is complete, 3PTL lines for SUL, and how to live with a choppy market.


QAV #709 – The Architect (fixed)

This week: We discuss our favourite bits of Buffett’s new annual letter, and Tony does a pulled pork on Vulcan Steel (VSL).

Also in the Club Edition: We discuss the results of a new 20% Rule 1 simulation, Reporting Season News, LNG is a sell, Data shows Cathie Wood’s Ark is one of the worst funds, NVIDIA results, and TK’s perspective on ‘Losing too many stocks’ to M&A.

QAV #708 – Buridan’s Ass (fixed)

This week: The market remains buoyant on the back of positive earnings, DTL crashes 22%, Buridan’s Ass, Pulled Pork AGL.

Also in the Club edition: Darryl’s portfolio analysis, Magnificent 7 profits now exceed almost every country in the world, SD ASX 300 change, Jordan’s Renko and hugline regression testing.



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