This week we feature an interview with Louise Bedford, aka Candlestick Queen, author and Founder of Talking Trading. We chat with Louise about why there aren’t more women in investing, how to use candlesticks, and what it takes to be a long-term successful investor.

In our club edition, we also talk about the three top performing stocks in our portfolio last week, talk more about market open prices and after hour trades, EWC’s qualified audit, the pulled pork is ECX, AIS and mine life, why Navexa reports we didn’t sell some old stocks quickly enough, AZJ’s sell line and acquisition news, Tony’s current views on AMP, and how much of Tony’s portfolio was sold off during the COVID cough.



In this episode, Tony provides insights into recent retail sales figures, the market’s reaction, and the concept of ‘confession season’ in the corporate world. Then he conducts a detailed ‘Pulled Pork’ segment on Stealth Group (SGI), a tool retailer, evaluating its financial health, market performance, and prospects.

In the club edition, we also discuss the reasons behind varying member performances (and our own performance), and discuss the importance of sticking to a disciplined investment model.

QAV 721 – Dr No

In 721 we discuss the pain of FND, why Aussie investors keep investing in unprofitable companies, and TK does a Pulled Pork on SRV.

In the club edition only: the myth of the ‘new normal’, why LIC AFIC is selling below its NTA, how Aussie investors can benefit from the AI boom, what we should do about copper prices being up, how to interpret the number of buys going down, how often is TK is making purchases based on factors outside the numbers, and how to interpret the resignation of the PRN CFO.



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