We talk about AIS starting to get coverage, the COG chart (again), our stock tip performance, our portfolio update, Charlie Munger speaking at Sohn Hearts & Minds, the SXL chart, the ASX200 average Price:CashFlow, lumber is a 3PTL buy, changes to the checklist, copper is a buy again, and SFR is our Stock Of The Week.

In the Club episode: platinum is a buy again, Tony sold HLS and bought NAB, WGX is back on the list, IKW is off the list, precious metals forecasting, regression testing on Tony’s portfolio, finding a sell line for stock that don’t have 5 years of price history, the process of price setting on the ASX prior to the opening time, and how Stock Doctor calculate their sell prices.


QAV S05E24 – White-knuckle

This is “the white-knuckle part of the cycle”. Portfolio update. Iron ore and gold charts. Stockhistory v Stock Doctor prices. GMA and mortgage issuances. The milk stool legs. RBA and inflation. Small rods is WAY down. Wash-selling. PE contraction. Pulled pork on WDS. Benching Michael Jordan. UPST. Lots of Rule 1 questions. Buying a “wonderful company at a fair price” and ignoring sentiment.

QAV S05E23 – Dr Jenny Fagg, 2Be

Our guest today is Dr Jenny Fagg, CEO, 2Be. Jenny has had a long career in banking and finance, with roles including Chief Risk Officer of AMP Limited, EVP of Products and Payments at CIBC, one of Canada’s five top banks, CEO and Managing Director of ANZ National Bank Limited, New Zealand’s largest bank and wealth business, Managing Director of ANZ Consumer Finance in Australia, senior leadership roles in risk and marketing management at Citibank, and Jenny established the consulting practice in retail lending and customer profitability at KPMG. She holds a PhD in Management (Risk) and a Bachelor of Economics (First Class Honours in Organisational Psychology). And she is also Tony’s wife. She joined us recently to talk about her new venture, her book, “The Gist of Generosity”,  and what it’s like being married to Tony. 


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