Last week’s jump in HAW demonstrates why we don’t sell until something hits the 3PTL. Why is Tony’s Stock of the Week SGLLV? Would Tony buy still FMG today? What are the risks of buying stocks with margin loans? Can we fudge the COVID cough? Should we try to predict the future? What about MLD’s capital raising? What happened with MSV? All this and Day Of The Triffids on our last episode for 2020!


Transcript available here.



QAV S04E17 – The Fourth Law of Motion

On this episode, we talk about our portfolio performance, SOTW, Colin Nicholson’s three market stages, Jack Bogle’s fourth law of motion, if SSG is a sell, the value of private banking, the idea of using increasing equity per share, and investing in Early Stage Innovation Companies.

QAV S04E16 – The Gold Rush

This week we chat with Chris Stott, Chief Investment Officer at 1851 Capital and then get into our regular show, where we discuss the MRC collapse, the CAA takeover bid, Geoff Wilson’s LIC strategy, our SOTW (DSK), if MYR is close to a sell, DKM dropping off the buy list, directors transactions, IV2 challenger strategy, why research firms suspend coverage on stocks, using (ATR) average true range multiples to set trailing stops, current US valuations, and whether or not TRS as a recent positive upturn.


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