QAV 539 – Coked Up

Liz Truss is a genius ; COAL – if thermal is a buy, and coking is a Josephine, how do we treat YAL; I screwed up with SMR today; Portfolio updates; RBA increasing rates today; David Gottesman, Warren Buffett Partner, Dies; The market PE ratio is falling; Recession in my mind, is almost certain; All ords down 7.13% on a 1 year basis. but the Small ords is down 22.24%; Pulled Pork on: BFG; the Investment Clock; how to determine if there has been a recent positive upturn; why does TK think “Capital Goods” companies are starting to show up in droves on our list; the theory of “3PTL Sells” and dividends.

QAV S05E22 – Musical Chairs

Why investing is a little like musical chairs at the moment; why we should like it when the market makes mistakes; Apple announces BNPL service; changes to cash rate; Pulled Pork on PGL; Yancoal takeover update; Iron Ore no longer a Josie; fundie performance limited by short-termism; how to stay sane during corrections; reporting of qualified audits in half-yearly reports.

QAV S05E21 – Excesses And Corrections

My circle of competence is just QAV ; Election result, investing implications ; SEQ and the “second buy line” ; outperformance by founder-led companies ; NHC’s big drop ; YAL halt ; Murph from ABC died ; Howard Marks’ latest memo on investor psychology ; Sri Lanka defaulting on $18bn of bonds. ; Underemployment rate now at 6.1% ; NUF has new results and crashed ; Australians lost $10Bn in crypto last year ; small stocks and Rule 1 ; what do you do in a market like this when you have a full portfolio and more capital ; a strong correlation between dividend yield and the QAV buy list ; Analysis of price to consensus target figures ; ME close v Price Chg 1mth (%) for calculating Josephine ; when a stock has done exceptionally well (say doubled) would TK use the proceeds to purchase two stocks? 

QAV S05E10 – The Wet Finger Test

Update from Denis in Ukraine; YAL dividend and drop; Copper is a sell; Another construction company collapse; ASG pulled pork; buying new entries; MML CEO’s sudden exit; WGX announced capital raising; leaving a 10% gap between buy and sell price; CAA and the aluminium price; how to evaluate stocks that are relatively recent entrants on the ASX.