QAV 539 – Coked Up

Liz Truss is a genius ; COAL – if thermal is a buy, and coking is a Josephine, how do we treat YAL; I screwed up with SMR today; Portfolio updates; RBA increasing rates today; David Gottesman, Warren Buffett Partner, Dies; The market PE ratio is falling; Recession in my mind, is almost certain; All ords down 7.13% on a 1 year basis. but the Small ords is down 22.24%; Pulled Pork on: BFG; the Investment Clock; how to determine if there has been a recent positive upturn; why does TK think “Capital Goods” companies are starting to show up in droves on our list; the theory of “3PTL Sells” and dividends.


Iron Ore is a sell; Down days, up days… what about neutral days; Rule 1 and dividends; Josephine but above its 2BL; Happy birthday Warren; Taylor’s article;
Pulled Pork: SMR; SGM less impacted by the iron ore price; GRR and Renko charts; ALO, a scalable software play; moving average v 3PTL; WHC thoughts

QAV S01E37 – Preparing For The Collapse

This week Tony answers a couple of questions from club member Dave about why Warren Buffet & Berkshire are sitting on a massive pile of cash and how Tony is preparing for a “global market crunch”. We also talk some more about listed investment companies and in our club section we take a look at the financials of gold miner PRU (Perseus Mining).

QAV S01E36 – Listed Investing Companies

This week Tony explains why he sometimes invests in Listed Investing Companies like Wilson Asset Management. We also talk about what to do with our worst-performing stock SMR, our extremely good end of month results, Tony’s horse that ran on Melbourne Cup day (not as good), and my son Taylor joins us to analyse oil and gas exploration and production company CUE.

QAV S01E12 – Stanmore Coal

On this episode we’re talking about ethical investing, Bob Hawke, and, in our QAV Club episode, drilling down into the financials of Stanmore Coal. Stanmore Coal operates the Isaac Plains coking coal mine in Queensland’s prime Bowen Basin region.