Disclosure & Trading Policy

Transparency is important to us. We will always be very open and honest about the stocks we own. We will also always give our audience advance notice when we intend to buy or sell a stock that we are going to talk about on the podcast. This is so we can never be accused of pumping a stock to our own advantage. If we talk about a stock we currently own, we will make it known that we own it.


Our policy for stocks of the week, is that:

  1. If we already own it in our personal portfolios, we will declare it.
  2. If we don’t already own it, but intend to buy it, we will wait for 24 hours after we publish our stock of the week tips.
  3. We will publish the stocks of the week in both Facebook groups (our public and our private groups) and in our newsletters, and then buy 24 hours later. 
  4. If we own a stock that is covered as stock of the week, we won’t sell it until it breaches one of our standard selling conditions. Effectively this means we don’t promote a stock and then sell it quickly for short-term gain.

In the interest of full disclosure, we would like to advise that the QAV team currently hold these stocks. We update this list as and when we trade.

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