Below is a basic version of the QAV checklist. You can make a copy of it HERE. This will give you an idea of the kind of numbers Tony uses to make his investing decisions.


QAV Club members can download the latest version of the checklist below (login to view).

Our Test / Dummy Portfolio

Here’s a list of the companies we have analysed on the show and how we rated them. Please note, this shouldn’t be used as investment guidance. The numbers we are using will be out of date very quickly (especially the share price, which is a key determining factor). This is just provided as an example for how you can build your own portfolio. We’re using this purely to keep a record how which companies we decided (on the show) passed muster, which did not, and which ones we should put on our watchlist for later.

Tony says the objective is to use the science of the checklist system to get your picks right 60% of the time. So we don’t expect to get it right 100% of the time. And remember the objective is to pick as many long-term winners as possible. This isn’t about day trading or having to watch your portfolio like a hawk. It’s about finding companies that are performing well, using some science to try to predict their future performance based on past results, and then to find the ones that are undervalued.

Warren Buffett says the important thing is to develop a “circle of confidence” and ignore everything outside of that, even when people are saying “swing, you bum”.

Here’s how he puts it: