QAV #609 – Just a Few Winners

US inflation drives the ASX down; Wheat is a Josephine; Portfolio is up 16.14%; DP recent trades; Tony’s three life lessons; Ray Dalio existing Bridgewater; Aussie CEOs denying reality; QAN profit; Super changes; Berkshire Report; Mortgage rate drop to 6.45%; pulled pork on COH; CCP results; is QAV a zero sum game; WHC shareholders; XTE’s results.

QAV #547 – Crystal Balls

TK’s historical returns; Pulled Pork kibosh on GNG; SKT consolidation; SGM – Iron and Steel Scrap; Buffett explains his $750 million charitable donation; RBA taking a lot of heat; beware annualised figures; Portfolio update; QAN upgrades again; CLX Upgrades; Fixed loan rates; $250k deposit guarantee; Pulled Pork on DDH

QAV 541 – Bipolar Mr Market

The bipolar Mr Market, commodity updates, PE clarifications in Bible, Qantas upgrade, ATL owned Camplify acquires European base, Howard Marks raising money, Pulled pork on SLH, Tony’s coffee with SOL CEO, why Tony has always been invested in WAM, advice on how to find a financial adviser, what to do if you’re going away for 2 weeks.

TK Journal 2020-11-12

I ran another download this morning as Macquarie Group’s (MQG) figures are now in Stock Doctor following their latest results. Also, Qantas (QAN) had breached its Buy line. However, after running the download, both of these companies have a price to operating cash...

QAV S01E26 – Reporting Season Frenzy!

It’s reporting season and Tony is EXCITED. On this week’s show we talk about the cause of CRN’s sudden decline, and analyse two companies – BHP and QAN.

We are also adding quite a few additional stocks to our dummy portfolio based on Tony’s private analysis.