This week we pull the pork on EHL, and talk about JBH, QBE, copper, AMP, Warren Buffett’s goat, URW, SWM, HUM, RMS, BHP, ASX, BFG, MIL, ASB, MHJ, we chat with young investor Lachie Duncan, and answer a bunch of your questions.

The full transcript of this episode is available here.


QAV #709 – The Architect (fixed)

This week: We discuss our favourite bits of Buffett’s new annual letter, and Tony does a pulled pork on Vulcan Steel (VSL).

Also in the Club Edition: We discuss the results of a new 20% Rule 1 simulation, Reporting Season News, LNG is a sell, Data shows Cathie Wood’s Ark is one of the worst funds, NVIDIA results, and TK’s perspective on ‘Losing too many stocks’ to M&A.

QAV #708 – Buridan’s Ass (fixed)

This week: The market remains buoyant on the back of positive earnings, DTL crashes 22%, Buridan’s Ass, Pulled Pork AGL.

Also in the Club edition: Darryl’s portfolio analysis, Magnificent 7 profits now exceed almost every country in the world, SD ASX 300 change, Jordan’s Renko and hugline regression testing.



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