Regression testing with Dylan the intern; “A Quantitative Approach to Tactical Asset Allocation”; SOTW: MXI; Tony’s thoughts on investing in a NASDAQ 100 ETF; should keep our AGD shares; Why did TK skip past MYR on the buy list; capital raising only to institutional investors; How AGMs fit into Tony’s investment strategy; looking at a Depth of a share chart; postponing a decision to buy a share based on the AFR headlines; a checklist for reporting season; how the current buy list compares to other periods; QAV book club.

Full transcript available. 


QAV 730 – Consistency Is The Key

In this episode of the QAV podcast, we look at recent news involving SGI, ATP, FGM, CVL, AX1 and a deep dive into ABB’s recent share price drop and business fundamentals. We discuss listener Conrad’s successful modification of the QAV investment system, which led to a 31.4% return in the last year and review some advice from O’Shaughnessy’s ‘What Works on Wall Street’ regarding consistency in investing. The after-hours segment includes discussions on examples of outstanding customer service, the benefits of rural call centers, and U.S. politics. We also chat about Tony’s recent golf win, film reviews of ‘Stingray’ (1976) and ‘The Assassination Bureau’ (1969), and recommend the music of The Jim Carroll Band and Grace Cummins and the Doctor Who site, stitchesintime.

QAV 729 – The Trump Bump

In this episode of the QAV podcast, hosts Tony Kynaston and Cameron Reilly are discussing a record-high in the All Ordinaries index spurred by the ‘Trump bump’, Aussie Broadband’s sudden dive (ABB), portfolio results, more FY survey results, MLX‘s bump, the Shipping Crisis, thoughts about integrating “Buyback Yield” into the checklist, and Tony breaks down the history and market stance of Elders Limited (ELD) in a detailed ‘pulled pork’ segment. They also explore the Apple Vision Pro’s new features and its future alongside immersive tech like Oculus Rift, then shift to the political scene with discussions on Trump’s influence on global conflicts. The conversations touch on AI, Elon Musk’s ventures like Neuralink and SpaceX, horse racing updates, book recommendations, and reviews of ‘Better Call Saul’ and Tom Cruise films.



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