Workshops; Lemmings; CBA launches BNPL service; CVL below the buy price; SOTW = GCY; ZIM audit unsplatted; How Tony decided to sell a stock before the 3PTL; Should we fudge the ECX sell line; EVZ qualified audit; what metrics make up the SD IV; where Tony learnt how to draw 3PTL; gold price chart on index mundi; how the chi x works with or along side the asx.



QAV S04E15 – The Whip

Regression testing with Dylan the intern; “A Quantitative Approach to Tactical Asset Allocation”; SOTW: MXI; Tony’s thoughts on investing in a NASDAQ 100 ETF; should keep our AGD shares; Why did TK skip past MYR on the buy list; capital raising only to institutional investors; How AGMs fit into Tony’s investment strategy; looking at a Depth of a share chart; postponing a decision to buy a share based on the AFR headlines; a checklist for reporting season; how the current buy list compares to other periods; QAV book club.

QAV S04E14 – Water Your Flowers

Ray Dalio on BTC. Lou Simpson’s investing philosophy. The proposed TLS break-up. Selling low dividend payers. Tolerance for older data. KRMs health score. 3PTL for ADH, HLA & HVN. Tony’s view on the Iron trend line. Replacing IV1 and IV2 with PE ratios.


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