This week on the show: APT is bigger than TLS! Why BTC is “rat poison squared”. Why Tony’s stocks of the week are NTD, MHJ and JBH. We discuss non-performing stocks, the ECX fudge, old NZO data, RRL’s buy price, the challenger system, stocks with a low ADT, analysing ETF and LIC stocks, and Tony’s column for new positive cashflow.

Transcript available here.


QAV S05E25 – Michael Goldberg Returns

Michael Goldberg from Collins St Value Fund joins us again to talk about how they are managing the current market. This interview was conducted on June 8, so please take that into account.

QAV S05E24 – White-knuckle

This is “the white-knuckle part of the cycle”. Portfolio update. Iron ore and gold charts. Stockhistory v Stock Doctor prices. GMA and mortgage issuances. The milk stool legs. RBA and inflation. Small rods is WAY down. Wash-selling. PE contraction. Pulled pork on WDS. Benching Michael Jordan. UPST. Lots of Rule 1 questions. Buying a “wonderful company at a fair price” and ignoring sentiment.


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