Season 1, Episode 7

Predicting & Handling Downturns

What is a “yield curve inversion” and how does it factor into warnings of a possible downturn? How does he change his investing during a downturn? Find out answers on this episode! 


S01E08 – ATL Apollo Tourism & Leisure (fixed)

Season 1, Episode 8 ATL Apollo Tourism & Leisure Apollo Tourism & Leisure is a multi-national company focused on manufacturing, rental, sales and distribution of a range of RVs including motorhomes, campervans and caravans. How does their company stack up to the QAV...

S01E06 – Tony Reflects On Sammo Show

Season 1, Episode 6Tony Reflects On The Sammo Show Tony reflects and expands on a couple of ideas that came out on last week's show with Steve Sammartino.  Related


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