Season 1, Episode 5

 The Sammartino Method 

Our very first guest! Steve Sammartino is another old friend of Cameron’s. He is also a successful sharemarket investor, with 25+ years experience, although his strategy is a little different and much less hands-on than Tony’s. Steve is also an author, futurist, consultant and speaker. On this podcast we talk with Steve about investing in index funds. Steve used index funds to make himself financially independent in his 30’s. 

Full transcript.


QAV #649 – Farewell Charlie / Ryan’s Analysis

On this week’s episode, I do a farewell to the late, great Charlie Munger, and in the Club episode, TK takes us through the analysis he and Ryan did about Rule 1 and buying from the top or bottom of our list.

QAV #648 – Management Quality

This week we’re talking about how we assess management quality, how to invest if you have a lumpy income, a pulled pork on MMS, and (only in the Club edition) Ridley Scott’s appalling Napoleon film.


  1. Claudio

    Hi, quick question. I enjoy listening to your podcasts however after 15 min or so of listening, the podcast just stops… or freezes. I go to hit play and doesn’t do anything. Dunno what to do. Can you help?

    • Cameron Reilly

      Hi Claudio. That shouldn’t happen. I just tested it and it seemed to work okay. If you continue to have problems, please email me and I’ll try to help debug your problem with you. Email:


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