Season 1, Episode 1

 Get Rich Slowly 

Imagine you had a really, REALLY rich friend who offered to teach you how to get rich too. Well, now you do! On this new podcast series I’m going to get my mate Tony Kynaston, a black belt investor, to teach me everything he’s learned over 30 years of investing.  For the last 25 years, Tony’s portfolio has doubled the performance of the stock market. 

On this first episode, Tony tells me his story – how he went from growing up poor in Brisbane, to starting his investment portfolio, losing half of it in the first year, working out the kinks, to becoming very, very good at it and getting rich – slowly.

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Here’s that graph Tony mentioned that shows how Warren Buffett’s net worth has increased over time. (Source)


S01E12 – Stanmore Coal

Season 1, Episode 12  Stanmore Coal On this episode we're talking about ethical investing, Bob Hawke, and, in our QAV Club episode, drilling down into the financials of Stanmore Coal. Stanmore Coal operates the Isaac Plains coking coal mine in Queensland’s prime Bowen...

S01E11 – Joe Barberis

Season 1, Episode 11  JOE BARBERIS Our guest today is Tony's friend Joe Barberis. Joe's had a high powered corporate career, including stints as the MD of Officeworks and Coles Express, as well as running Shell Australia. Today he's talking to us about his investment...


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