QAV S04E01 – The Fudge Slope

In our first episode of 2021, we review our portfolio’s CY20 performance; margin loan rates; What TK does on a daily/weekly basis for managing his portfolio; relative QAV performance of large vs mid vs small cap companies; the ‘minimum’ amount of stock someone just getting started should buy; fudging ECX and VUK; whether or not we should rebalance every so often; Tony’s views on CSL; the recent drop in the prices of some gold miners; understanding the formula in column BK of the master checklist; why companies can have a quality score of >100%; and Stock Doctor problems regarding reporting of director holdings.

TK Journal 2021-01-08

Tony’s first stock journal for 2021! Hi everyone, I have changed the formula in the Master Spreadsheet that checks for a Borderline Star Stock. In the past, the formula in Column BJ awarded Borderline Star Growth Stocks a score of 1, it has been changed to...
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