Transcript #500

QAV 500 Club Cameron  00:08 Welcome back. QAV. First show of 2021 TK, episode 500, sorry, 2022, 500. How are you? Tony  00:21 Good. It's not our 500th episode though, is it? Cameron  00:24 No. Series five, episode zero? I don't know. Makes no sense. Makes about as...

QAV S05E00 – The Cleansing

In our first episode for 2022, we’re talking about my confusion over some recent 3PTL rule changes, platinum being a buy again, what a “cleansing prospectus” is, Gary’s stellar results, some changes to the buy list, a pulled pork on CIA, CAA and aluminium, Nufarm’s cash flow, how to treat companies we’ve sold using R1, why we use operating cash flow instead of free cash flow, and whether or not CDD is a sell.

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