QAV 727 – Great FY Results

In this episode of the QAV podcast, hosts Tony Kynaston and Cameron Reilly cover a range of topics at the start of the new financial year. They begin the resilience in financial and property markets amid global interest rate hikes, and how the gig economy affects unemployment rates. They also touch on the history and impact of quantitative easing, review their own and member financial year results, and analyze market news related to companies like Myer and Fortescue Metals Group. Tony provides an in-depth look at Auric Mining Ltd (AWJ) in his ‘pulled pork’ segment. Tony answers questions about tax rates and performance-based share issuance, then in After Hours they get into movie reviews of ‘Furiosa’ and ‘Marie Antoinette.’ They also explore AI’s potential future impacts on job markets and technological advancements, referencing Ray Kurzweil’s predictions.

QAV Club Weekly Update 2024-07-02

Hello QAVvers Someone said the AORD in the last week has been “as unstable as Joe Biden”… oh wait, that was me.   QAV PORTFOLIO REPORT The Dummy Portfolio is performing well against the benchmark over most time frames. SINCE INCEPTION...

QAV 726 – Negative Waves

In episode 726 of QAV, Tony and Cameron pay tribute to the late Donald Sutherland, then shift to discussing fluctuations in the crude oil market, a deep dive into Ben Graham’s investment principles and their relevance today, alongside a detailed analysis of TabCorp Holdings, the market’s over-reaction to HLI news, and FND breaking the curse of the pulled pork.

QAV Club Weekly Update 2024-06-25

Hello QAVvers After yesterday’s retreat, the AORD rebounded today, on the news that Julian Assange has been released from jail and is coming home. Only kidding. Well not about him being released. But wouldn’t that be nice if the market was celebrating the...