QAV S03E63 – Damien Parker

QAV S03E63 – Damien Parker

Our guest on our final episode for 2020 is QAV Club member Damien Parker. He joined us recently to chat about his investing and business career. After a successful career in accounting and a failed property development business, Damien bounced back to write 30 business programs/manuals which grossed $50 million – and created Positive Business, the longest-running newsletter to the small-medium business community in Australia. On this episode he talks about his Business Lessons, why he put up his prices, and why he provided a 120% money-back guarantee.

QAV CY2020 Wrap Up

Update 2021-01-04: The official end of CY numbers are as follows. QAV portfolio was up 14.83%. XAOA was up 3.64%. So we out-performed the XAOA by nearly 4X. QAV Club members can see the final figures in our portfolio on Google Sheets. Original post: It’s not...

Anonymous Listener Testimonial

We got this email today from one of our QAV Club members. Dear Cam & Tony,Just a short note to wish you a Merry Christmas and to thank you for the podcast this year.And a little testimonial (feel free to use it anonymously):Now that we’re on top of our mortgage,...

Why 15-20 Stocks Is All You Need

Tony noticed this article by Bob Desmond from Evans & Partners and thought I should share it with you. Excerpt: “…we prefer to construct a portfolio of 10-15 high quality businesses, whose earnings have a very good chance of growing well ahead of...

QAV S03E62 – Don’t Judge The Fudge

Last week’s jump in HAW demonstrates why we don’t sell until something hits the 3PTL. Would Tony buy still FMG today? What are the risks of buying stocks with margin loans? Can we fudge the COVID cough? Should we try to predict the future? What about MLD’s capital raising? What happened with MSV? All this and Day Of The Triffids on our last episode for 2020!

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