QAV #610 – Psychopathic Cultures

Another RBA rate rise; BRI’s underlying commodity; ASIC sues Mercer Super; GNC maps to bushel prices; LAU & IGL made the S&P All Ordinaries; Gerry Harvey wheels out his old material; Guy Debelle pops up at Super Fund; Solly Lew creeps another 3% up the Myer share register; Mortgage Rate survey sees interest rates back to 6.48%; Alex Hay on WHC ownership movements; Pulled pork on Duratec (DUR); TK’s experiments with selling stocks that are no longer on the buy list; TKs view on the negative market reaction to both CLX and DDH.

QAV #609 – Just a Few Winners

US inflation drives the ASX down; Wheat is a Josephine; Portfolio is up 16.14%; DP recent trades; Tony’s three life lessons; Ray Dalio existing Bridgewater; Aussie CEOs denying reality; QAN profit; Super changes; Berkshire Report; Mortgage rate drop to 6.45%; pulled pork on COH; CCP results; is QAV a zero sum game; WHC shareholders; XTE’s results.

QAV 543 – The Mounting Yard

Portfolio benchmarking, RBA interest rate rise, Thermal Coal sell line, JHG dividend, what to do when you R1 a stock that’s on top of the buy list (IMA), Wheat price on the rise, new Berkshire book, SUL trading update, WHC – MOAB Away, The FAANG index, Oil and Copper are a buy, what about Aluminium, MQG Results are in, Pulled Pork GNG, DRP vs DSSP

QAV 538 – The Market Rout

Fund performance; Reserve Bank money printing and inflation; Labor and Franked Dividends; Pulled Pork XTE; share market rout; portfolio update; RBA burns $50bn in QE; Viva Energy Buys back Coles Express sites; WHC announces $2bn buy back; Apollo shares jump on Jucy deal; Kudos to ABC News; Doug’s shorting experiment update; back testing around observing major triggers of a general downward trend in the market; the pros and cons of ETFs; ECX continually buying back shares and Rule #1.