QAV 540 – No Secrets

Oil, copper and gold commodity movements, SDG bought for the DP, but it’s in rundown, Pulled pork request from Ally: BST, Interest rate changes to Master spreadsheet, dividend payments and sell lines, investment prioritization and risk tolerance, 2% capital loss/risk rule, the TGA share consolidation scenario, what is the main commodity for S32?, the coal sell line, parcel sizing.

QAV S05E19 – Outfoxed

We’ve been banned from talking about crypto and fund managers; Mark’s checklist for the checklist; kids and investing; commodity update; portfolio update; are we counter cyclical; new results in SD for ECX and NAB and PDL; CGT planning; top 3 LICs; S32 update; Renko charts; setting Josephine alerts; pulled pork on PTL; stocks and high interest rates; defining “independent director”; how quickly to buy after a sell; the difference between a Josephine versus a falling knife; gold USD v AUD; the ACL chart; operating cashflows and lease payments.

QAV S05E07 – Overconfidence

This week we’re talking about Navexa portfolio issues, overconfidence in investors, Murph resigns from Berkshire, Berkshire invests in a crypto bank, Munger’s recent Q&A, BFG’s money laundering problems, HUM’s acquisition by LFS, CGF back on the buy list, S32 is Tony’s pulled pork, Ares buying into GMA, FMG is a Josephine, and then we answer your questions about Grantham’s bubble warnings, using trend lines to know when to cancel a Josephine, the iron ore sell price, buying stocks close to the sell line, using company market cap figure relative to Index Funds to determine whether a company’s share price could be at risk of a near future increase or decrease, kissing a few frogs to get a prince, holding on just for the takeover premium and FEX’s very low sell line.

TK Journal 2020-12-04

Hi everyone, I am buying some shares in Sandfire Resources (SFR) for my own account. I did another SD download today as there were a few new company reports that occurred the week. Here is a summary of the changes since the last download: Virgin Money UK (VUK) was...