Despite the recent choppiness, our portfolio continues to substantially outperform the ASX 200 since inception (29% to 8%). That’s the power of a having a system to follow during good times and bad. 

In real terms, our portfolio is up 50% since we started it a little over two years ago, in September 2019. We started with $20,000 and it’s currently worth ~$30,000. 

And that’s all come from following the QAV system – a fairly low-risk, low-effort investing strategy that pays attention to the fundamentals of a stock and ignores the stories and the hype, both from the companies themselves as well as the market makers, the media and the hype beasts. No tech stocks, no crypto, no day trading, etc. Just following the simple principals of value investing as proven over 70 years by people like Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger and Ben Graham.