Our large cap stock this week is New Hope Corporation. 

NHC involved in the exploration, development, production and processing of coal, oil and gas, as well as marketing and logistics. 

On this week’s upcoming episode (440), Tony says that some of the reasons they scored highly include:

  • QAV score of 0.12
  • Share price has been going up quite quickly – it might disappear off our list soon 
  • Price to Operating Cashflow is just below our cut off at 6.86 
  • Quality score is 86% 
  • Dividend is 4.5%, quite high for the market
  • Goes ex-dividend on the 25/10 
  • High average daily trade of $5.3 million
  • It has ~50% ownership by the Millner Company: Rob Millner is sometimes called Australia’s Warren Buffett (Tony also gets called that, usually by me)
  • Financial health is strong 
  • Strong Intrinsic Value #2 is $7.87 (share price is $2.47)

Please Note: 

Our recommendations are based on the share price as of the date of the download. If the share price changes, this will affect the QAV score and its ranking on our buy list, so please take price changes into account before making any investing decisions.

Please also note that this isn’t personal financial advice and you should consult a financial planner before making any investment decisions.


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