Our small cap stock this week is Kingrose Mining (ASX:KRM). They are involved in the production, exploration and development of the gold and silver deposits in Indonesia, although back in July they announced the cessation of gold production and that they are transitioning back to exploration only. Despite issues with the consistency of their financial health, it currently has a QAV Score of 0.34 and an ADT (average daily turnover) of $37,000. 

The reasons they scored highly include:

  • The share price is currently less than our intrinsic valuation. 
  • Chart is showing a new three-point uptrend. 
  • High levels of board ownership. It’s always good to see management skin in the game. 

Our recommendations are based on the share price as of the date of the download. If the share price changes, this will affect the QAV score and its ranking on our buy list, so please take price changes into account before making any investing decisions.

Please also note that this isn’t personal financial advice and you should consult a financial planner before making any investment decisions.


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