Hi Cam,
Millenium Services (MIL) is back to what we paid for it in the Dummy Portfolio.
Given that it has an Emphasis of Matter around Going Concern in its Audit Report and the fact that Rule 1 now applies, can you swap MIL out of the Dummy Portfolio and replace it with Cash Converters (CCV)?
Following Medusa Minings quarterly report which indicates an increase in the cost of production, the share price is back to what we paid for it in the Dummy Portfolio. So, I am invoking Rule 1 and would like to swap it out for Ive Group (IGL).

I am by-passing Humm Group on the QAV ranking because it is on a downturn at the moment and only a cent or two from it’s sell price.

I hold MML in my own portfolio as part of the test of swapping stocks low on the checklist for those high on the checklist. I am giving notice that I will wait 24 hours and Sell MML from my portfolio if it continues to be negative for me. In which case I will buy into IGL as well. Because I am only taking small, test positions in these stock, IGL meets my ADT needs.



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