Listener Conrad picked up another error in TK’s master checklist:

“On the TK Master Spreadsheet I noticed column AN was working similar to the columns Tony recently updated (CB and AU).Currently column AN “Is IV2>2* Share price?” will return a 0 if there is no future EPS.”

Tony says:

Yes, it is an incorrect formula. I had left it there because it doesn’t make much difference. It means that something like GLE has a quality score of 13/13 instead of 13/12 because the blank future eps forecast was adding to the denominator as it is being recorded as a 0 instead.

I’ll make the change.

The formula in column AN at row 37 should now be:

This should be copied all the way throughout the column.

There is a new Master Checklist spreadsheet with the changes made in Dropbox.

Thanks Conrad!