Hi everyone,
Two things to report today. 
1. I have made adjustments to two of the columns in the Master Spreadsheet (TK version) to fix the error that Andrew picked up with the calculation of the score for “PE<Yield” (which will be mentioned in today’s podcast recording).
The changes to the cells are in columns CB and AU.
AU is changed to, for example in row 40, =IF(AA40=“”,””,AT40-AA40)
CB is changed to =IF(AU40=“”,””,IF(AU40>1,1,””)
These formulas need to be copied down the entire columns.
The change caters for the case that wasn’t picked up previously where the PE was blank. The previous formula would give the score a 1 if there was a positive yield.
(Cameron’s note: I’m checking with Andrew Flitman about how this works in his version of the checklist, but I think it’s already correct). 
2. I have also removed ETF’s and LIC’s from the Scorecard.
Note that ETF’s are filtered out but other funds need to be removed manually by searching for Diversified Financials and checking in SD to see if they are an invesment company or engaged in an operational business in the financial sector.
I’ve uploaded the new Master Spreadsheet to our Dropbox folder and a new Scorecard is in the Google Sheet.

Changes to the Scorecard are:

New Manually Entered Data:
Additions to the Scorecard:
SEQ with a QAV score of 0.10
AQS 0.10
FBU 0.10
HUM 0.40
Removals from the Scorecard are:
MA1 (removed manually)
BEL (removed manually)
Most of these removals were ETF’s or Listed Funds.
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