Update 2021-01-04:

The official end of CY numbers are as follows.

QAV portfolio was up 14.83%.

XAOA was up 3.64%.

So we out-performed the XAOA by nearly 4X.

QAV Club members can see the final figures in our portfolio on Google Sheets.

Original post:

It’s not quite the end of the year, but as I don’t intend to work much next week, I thought I’d do my end of year wrap up today.

2020 has obviously been a year of surprises and very challenging from an investing perspective. The market took a massive hit in March and April as COVID lockdowns went into effect, but then rebounded faster than most of us expected, as the Federal Government decided to embrace Quantitative Easing and Modern Monetary Theory.

We stuck to our strategy throughout the year – which means using Tony’s system to tell us what to buy, what to sell, and when to do both.

We’ll finish the year with pretty good gains, especially when compared to the XAOA (All Ords Total Return) index.

The QAV portfolio is up 13.8% for the calendar year, versus only 4.14% for the XAOA. And, of course, that involved staying away from speculative tech and growth stocks, like Afterpay, etc. As value investors, we’re only interested in investing in companies with a strong history of generating cash and good management, that are momentarily undervalued by the market.

We’ve been getting lots of emails from QAV subscribers who are reporting great results for their own portfolios, and our congratulations go out to all of you.

As one person wrote to me this morning: “I have been using QAV investing since May through to July allocating and investing my Super and my return is 35% currently. My previous financial planner was averaging 6% over 5 years on my super!  I would no doubt be about break even now this year also if I had not sacked him three years ago!!”

Another listener sent me this email yesterday: “Following QAV about 85% of the time (Stock Doctor 5%, instinct/dumb luck 10%) our portfolio is up 44% so far this year. And there’s been no cheating with large, risky positions in Afterpay styled companies. Just the QAV method consistently applied across approx. 20 stocks in even weighting. “

Thanks to all of our listeners and subscribers this year for supporting the show, especially to everyone who came along to the few dinner events we were able to hold in between lockdowns. And thanks most of all to Tony for taking time away from golf and his horses to teach us all how to do what he does!

I hope you all have a safe holiday season and I look forward to seeing your faces at events in what will hopefully be a calmer 2021!