With the RBA cutting rates last week, I updated our QAV Master Spreadsheet with the following changes: I reduced the test for yield > bank debt in Cell AV32 to 2.69%, which was the lowest major bank variable mortgage rate I could see. I used Canstar to find this. I changed the hurdle rate used to calculate IV2 to be 6.1%. This change was made to all the cells in Column AL.

I performed a Stock Doctor filter download this morning, 9/11/2020 at 8:54am.

I added Techniche (TCN) to the manually added data tab. Techniche is a small market cap company and has recently applied to the ASX to de-list and become a private company, so I have not analysed this company any further.

Shares Europe ETf (IEU) was added to the Manually Entered Data tab and to the Buy List with a QAV score of 0.15.

Bank of Queensland (BOQ) was added to the Manually Entered Data tab following its latest results release, but it does not have positive sentiment.

360 Capital Enhanced Income Fund (TCF) was added to the Manually Entered Data tab. Unless I fudge their 5 year graph they are not yet a Buy.

Adairs (ADH) was back on the Buy List for a little while, but it has crossed it’s Sell line again. ADH appears to be a “Bunny Boiler” as it is a rising knife and may come back onto the Buy List in the near future.

I have included an updated Buy List. Changes since the last Buy List update on the 27th October are:

Duketon Mining (DKM) returns to the Buy List

As mentioned above IEU is added to the Buy List

As mentioned last week, Lycopodium (LYL) and Magellan MFF Capital Investments (MFF) have left the Buy List

Macquarie Group (MQG) remains on the Buy List, but I am still waiting for the latest results to flow into Stock Doctor.

As Mentioned last week Sandfire Resources (SFR) is added to the Buy List. SFR may turn out to be a falling knife as the Chinese Communist Party may limit the importation of Australian sourced Copper.

Explore Wealth (XPL) dropped off the Buy List this time as it’s share price has tripled in the intervening period. Happy Days. I hope some of our listeners bought some, although, it is a microcap company with thin volumes.

Further to the Journal I sent you this morning, I noticed that some of the companies on our watch list and Buy list have recent results, so I have reviewed their sentiment and Manually Entered Data. This has resulted in the following:

Champion Iron (CIA) has new results and its QAV score has altered slightly to .20.

Myer (MYR) is getting close to a Buy line crossover and I have set a price alert in Stock Doctor for a share price > $0.30

Kathmandu (KMD) is added to the Buy List with a QAV score of 0.13.