I downloaded a new SD filter into the QAV Master spreadsheet this morning, Thursday 22/10/20 at 9:44am, pre-market opening. I wanted to update the buy list and find a replacement for KRM for our Dummy portfolio.

There were 2 stocks that I had to add to the Manually Entered Data tab because they were new to the download. These were IXI and IJH. These are both iShares global ETFs. I also added them to the Buy list.

IXI has a QAV score of 0.30 and IJH has a QAV score of 0.13

Once the Buy list was compiled, I compared it to my last backup. Here are the changes that resulted:

  • ADH, AX1 and EPD have all slipped off the list due to price increases. I don’t hold any of these stocks, but if I did I would continue to hold them.
  • Stock Doctor reported the June 2020 results for KCN since the last download and as it now has negative operating cash flow, it is removed from the Buy list.
  • I had to manually delete KRM from the Buy list as it continues to show a good QAV score. I did this by turning the Sentiment Confirmed cell in the Manually Entered data tab from Yes to No. This is a workaround as there is no other way to remove KRM because of the fact that the CEO and a founding shareholder have resigned.
  • Quantum Healthcare (QTM) was added to the Buy List following this download.
  • And, finally, I suggest that we add Grange Resources (GRR) to the Dummy portfolio to replace KRM which was removed yesterday. I would use the proceeds from the sale as the amount to buy of GRR.


SD sent me an alert to say that Autosports Group (ASG) went above it’s buy line. So, it goes onto the Buy list with a QAV score of 0.25