I downloaded a new filter from Stock Doctor today and ran it through the QAV Master spreadsheet.

There are a few things to note:

  • An ETF, called ETFS ROBO Global Robotics Automation ETF (ROBO) scored well on the checklist and almost became a buy with a QAV score of 0.08. I mention this because this ETF allows investors to gain exposure to a basket of companies engaged in automation and robotics and therefore access to tech stocks at a reasonable price. The current price of ROBO is $70.52. I estimate that if the price drops to around $63, then ROBO will score a 0.1 on the checklist and all things being equal it would be a buy. Listeners who are desiring exposure to this sector may also want to fudge and buy this ETF around its current price even though its QAV score is 0.08 rather than 0.1.
  • MFF Capital Investments (MFF) is very close to its Sell price, so I have raised an alert for a price < $2.56.
  • I mentioned in our most recent podcast episode that Tribune Resources (TBR) may come onto the Buy list at my next download, but even though it has been on my buy list before and now has a positive operating cash flow again, its price to operating cash flow was too high to make the buy list this time.
  • I have removed Coronado Global Resources (CRN) from the buy list, as it has declined a little this month and looks more like a Shrodinger to me and therefore a falling knife. I know this will be a little controversial for some listeners who hold positions, so they should do their own analysis. My thoughts are that the share price is now below the line drawn through the 2 lowest points and is, therefore, a sell. Listeners may decide to wait a little longer as we are only 1 week into the new month and the price may rise.