I ran a Stock Doctor download today.

Grand Gulf Energy (GGE) appeared for the first time in our download and so was added to the Manually Entered Data sheet. Note, that it is hardly worth mentioning this company as its average daily traded amount is $108. Also, there is something funny going on as the company went into a trading halt without disclosing a reason and then the price jumped on re-listing, still without any announcement from management. In addition to this, we must still use December 2019 results as the current half yearly results are not yet forthcoming. Because of the absence of 2020 results, I have gone back to the 2019 annual report which states that the company has a qualified audit. It’s entirely possible that this will change with the release of their latest results and that the share price rise recently was because of this, but we will have to wait and see.

I also took a look at the share graph for Base Resources (BSE) which touched its buy price during the month but has now fallen back. On this basis, I have removed it from the buy list.

I have raised a price alert for BSE at $0.29. Autosports Group (ASG) also falls into this camp. It hit its buy price during the month but has fallen back. I have set a price alert for ASG at $1.43.