Hold on to your horses, people!

  • I added Generation Development Group (GDG) to the Manually Entered Data tab and also to the Buy list with a QAV score of 0.24 (Cam concurs).
  • I came across the interesting case of Acrow Formwork and Construction Services (ACF). Looking at the 5 year monthly share graph for ACF is misleading because it was once a mining company, Noble Mining, and was reconstituted as ACF in 2015/16. This involved a consolidation of shares which makes the 5 year graph look strange. This process is called a back door listing and most often occurs in mining companies that discontinue their operations and sell their ASX shell to a company that wants to list. Consequently, it makes more sense to use a 3 year share price graph available in the advanced charting tool in SD. It is a Buy with a QAV score of 0.23  (Cam gets 0.20 – TK gave them 2 points for Record Low 6 PE’s but I didn’t).
  • Ellerston Asian Investment (EAI) is added to the Buy List with a QAV score of 0.11. Note that Share Analysis is down at the time of writing, so these scores may change (Cam gives them 0.10 – disagreement over New 3Pt Upturn).
  • Maxitrans (MXI) has a recent 3 point up turn and a good QAV score, however, it has a qualified audit and the auditors have drawn attention to the fact that the company may not continue as a going concern.
  • Grange Resources (GRR) reported their figures in SD and remains a Buy with a QAV score of 0.42 (Cam got 0.45 and actually added some to his portfolio this week).
  • Cash Converters (CCV) reported and needed to be added to the Manually entered data tab. They are still in a 3PTL decline (Cam: Pretty close to breaching their buy line, though).
  • Wellard (WLD) reported, but they have also had a qualified audit, so I did not add them to the Buy list.
  • I raised a price alert for Base Resources (BSE) which has just reported and is very close to their 3PTL buy price of 28.9 cents….. That was quick, BSE has now passed its 3PT buy line and is added to the Buy list with a QAV score of 0.35 (Cam gets 0.34).
  • I changed Lindsay Australia (LAU) to a downtrend after checking the graph today.
  • I raised a price alert for Hillgrove Mining (HGO) as they are near their 3PTL buy price of 5.2 cents, although this will change next month when a high point rolls off their graph.
  • Shaver Shop’s (SSG) results are in SD now and I have amended their manually entered data. They are a buy with a QAV score of 0.24 (Cam gets 0.26, but Tony’s sheet has Share Analysis scores even though it’s currently down).
  • I have also changed my manually entered data sheet to contain a column for recording the date that the data was entered. This will help me to see if I have already analysed a company.
  • I changed the 3 point sentiment confirmation to a Yes for Lycopodium (LYL), however, it is bouncing close to the 3PT sell line, too.
  • I changed Sandfire Resources (SFR) from a Sell to a Buy, but it also is bumping around its 3PT sell line.
  • I have changed the sentiment for Credit Corp (CCP) to a Buy with a QAV score of 0.18 (Cam gets 0.17).
  • Mount Gibson Iron (MGX) has been added to the Buy list with a QAV score of 0.11 (Cam gets 0.14).
  • Shine Justice (SHJ) is a buy after its recent results with a QAV score of 0.15 (Cam concurs).
  • Vista Group (VGL) is added as a buy with a QAV score of 0.12 (Cam gets 0.11).
  • Xplore Wealth (XPL) is added to the buy list with a QAV score of 0.13. Another one of those companies that are bouncing close to the Sell line, though. (Cam: yeah I don’t think it’s breached its buy line, at best it’s a Schroedinger).
  • Australian Vintage (AVG) is close to a 3PT Buy and I have set a price alert for 48.2 cents.
  • Eildon Capital (EDC) was removed from the Buy list after crossing a 3PT sell line.
  • Maca (MLD) was removed from the Buy list after crossing a 3PT sell line.
  • I have decided to take Pro-Pac Packaging (PPG) off the Buy list, even Tom Cruise couldn’t pack a fudge like that, especially if I am going to disallow National Tyre for the same reason.
  • Mitchell Services (MSV) has fallen back below its 3PT Buy line, so I am removing it from the buy list as well.
  • Here is my latest master spreadsheet.
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