Warren Buffett Too Much Gravy

We’re obviously huge fans of Warren Buffett’s style of value investing and the performance of Berkshire Hathaway over the last fifty years. Tony’s been talking to me about Buffett for many years, and he even bought a share in Berkshire several years ago so he could attend one of their AGMs in Omaha.

If you don’t know much about Buffett, here’s a good, lengthy article about his impending 90th birthday which also goes into his investing history and friendships with people like Bill Gates. 

Warren’s secret to a good life:

Buffett’s life philosophy of food, health and happiness was probably best summed up by a quip he made during a family holiday dinner last year, words recently recalled by daughter Susie. “You can never have too much love,” her father said, “or too much gravy.”

I also enjoyed this article about Buffett, with anecdotes from AirBNB founder Brian Cheskey”

Chesky gained a similar insight at a previous lunch with Buffett and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. “Nobody wants to get rich slow,” Buffett replied when Bezos asked why everyone doesn’t just copy his long-term investing approach.

Dax Shapard also had Bill Gates on his podcast recently and Bill talked about his friendship with Warren, which was fun to listen to.