I have finished buying Eclipx (ECX) and have started buying Champion Iron (CIA) for my own account.
Note, that I bypassed buying shares in GGUS which was next on the watchlist. GGUS is the Betashares geared US market ETF. I did this because I already bought shares in GEAR, the geared Australian index ETF and I thought having 10% of my portfolio aligned with share indexes was a/ giving me too much index correlation and b/ a risk in a downturn. I will swing back to GGUS if I have enough room after buying other individual stocks from the watchlist. Nothing against GGUS and I might be wrong to ignore this one, but I didn’t feel comfortable owning both GEAR and GGUS.
I have raised a buy price alert for BHP at $38.21
I have raised a Buy price alert in SD for Boral (BLD) at $4.38
OCA is added to the Watchlist as a buy with a QAV score of 0.13. This is a thinly traded stock with an average daily transaction volume of only $1,775 on account of the fact that it has two large shareholders.
I have raised a Buy Price alert in SD for Duxton Water (D2O) today with a price target of $1.37. Note the current price is $1.36.