Hi Cam,
I updated my Master QAV spreadsheet with a download from Stock Doctor today.
Because of this, there were two new companies that hadn’t met the filter criteria before. As such, they need to be manually entered into the Manually Entered Scores tab.
The companies are JPR and CGO. I inserted a row for each in their alphabetical position in the Manually Entered Scores tab. It is crucial to enter new companies to this lookup table in their alphabetical position, otherwise the Vlookup function in the QAV Download Data tab won’t work.
The update also produced more companies that were added to the watchlist as Buys. These are SEQ, PPG, MTO, BGA, ESTX, ICS and CVW.
I also added price alerts for the following companies that scored well, but haven’t quite reached their three-point buy prices yet.
ADH at $2.38
S32 at $2.105
OFX at $1.576
KSL at $1.152