I watched our recording of using the QAV Mastersheet and saw a bug.
When I copied in the download data, I copied in all rows, but I should have copied in the data only. This would have left the first data row as row 13.
In column AV, I test for the yield being greater than 3%, which is a test that refers to cell AV12.
In the QAV Download Data tab, overwriting the entire spreadsheet has moved the heading row to be row 33, which throws out this test.
Luckily, the Watchlist tab still has the header row at row 12, so that works.
The fix is to delete some of the rows above the data in the first tab, so that the header row is always row 12, and in future only copy the data rows in from the download.
I raised a price alert in SD for AGL with a buy price of $19.70.