Good morning, there’s a new version of the watchlist, I have also started a new column to record if there is a qualified audit for this company in the last half results – No is good.

Cameron has made the decision to split the checklist into different versions rather than a series of tabs. Hopefully that makes it a little less confusing for new people. The TK version is Tony’s latest. DW = Darryl Woodman. CR = Cameron Reilly. And the “individual stock version” remains the version where you can plug in your own data, versus importing it from Stock Doctor. Hopefully that’s less confusing. If you have any ideas for how to improve things, please let us know.

Here is my 3 point buy line for KCN.

Using the 3PTL calculator, the buy price is $0.548. This price will probably go up as the highest peak on the graph scrolls off the 5 year graph next month and the next highest peak is lower.

have entered a price alert into SD at $0.55.

I have also done a minor update to the 3PTL calculator to automatically count how many days into the month we are. This occurs in cell E9.

I am in the process of automating (as much as I can) the QAV spreadsheets and now have a new watchlist.

In the process of running everything from scratch again today, I discovered that EWC has a qualified audit and as such we need to sell it from the dummy portfolio.

The first stock on the watchlist is now GEAR, so EWC should be replaced with GEAR.

The watchlist links into my SD download spreadsheet which I am still debugging, so the watchlist is a work in progress, however, I have reconciled the stocks on this list.

The stocks highlighted in green are the buy list.

The Sentiment column uses the Sdmax/5 yr price change/6 mth price change method, and then the Sentiment Confirmed column means that I have used a 3PTL to confirm the Sentiment column (or not).

There are some stocks in the buy list that have small amounts traded daily, so they are probably unsuitable for most investors.

ATS and PGI have been added to the buy list.

I have also added buy price alerts in SD for TAP ($0.11) and SHM ($0.56).